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Enjoy a discount of 19% on our insurance products

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Helping you benefit from our partnership

We offer comprehensive insurance solutions, at attractive terms. So you can feel secure, both at home and on the go, or enjoy your retirement without worry. Our consultants are your personal contacts and will be by your side on your journey through life. And if you do need to make a claim, you will receive excellent support from our 24-hour service.

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Your range of benefits

  • Benefit from discounts of up to 19% on the following insurance products: car, property, buildings, travel, accident and legal protection.
  • Everyone living in your household can receive these discounts.
  • Discounts can also be applied to existing Generali policies, with the exception of provident insurance. Current prices are used to calculate discounts.

A strong partner for your pension

We are the market leader in unit-linked pensions, offering you comprehensive insurance and pension solutions. What are your goals? No matter whether your objective is saving, risk cover, protecting your nearest and dearest or early retirement, we will analyse your personal situation and show you pension products that match your needs.

What our pillar 3a offers you

Our flexible pillar 3a account makes saving for retirement a breeze because you decide how much and when to pay: Generali does not have fixed payment schedules. Plus, you can benefit from the potential for attractive returns. Our professional investment team optimises your pillar 3a investments so you do not have to worry about them, while a savings contribution in the event of loss of earning capacity ensures you are protected. In other words, Generali will continue to pay into your savings when you are no longer able to. You can deduct the pillar 3a payments you make from your taxable income, reducing your tax bill year after year.


Start your pension now! Our team of advisors will be happy to help you and answer any questions.

Our experience provides you with security

Insurance and pension planning are complex matters, but our team of advisors is sure to find the perfect solution for you. That is because good pension planning brings benefits on multiple levels: you will cut your tax bill, reduce financial worries in old age and be financially protected in the event of illness, accident or death. Our team of advisors has valuable tips and answers to all your questions. For example, they will explain why it is often worth having multiple 3a accounts and reveal how you can invest sustainably.


Our advice is free of charge, with no strings attached. Let us analyse your personal situation alongside you. We will give you recommendations and discuss how you can shape your pension.

The benefits of our property insurance products


Car insurance

We keep you safe on the road. Thanks to Generali car insurance, you can drive wherever and whenever you want without worry. No matter whether it is 24/7 breakdown cover, insurance against parking damage or no-claims bonus protection, you decide how comprehensive your car insurance is. And you can enjoy attractive terms, too.

Stay safe at home and on the go

Should something happen, we are here for you. If your household contents are damaged, we will organise a tradesperson or locksmith service, thanks to Home Assistance cover.

If you are heading off on holiday, you are covered for every conceivable issue before and during your trip. And if you are mired in an insured legal case, you can rely on our support – financially and professionally.


Let us work together to find the right insurance solution for your needs. And at the best terms, too: you can enjoy a discount of up to 19% on your car, buildings, household, travel, and accident insurance policies, as well as legal protection cover. Arrange a non-binding consultation with our team. 

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We have 55 locations across Switzerland, serving more than 1 million customers in the country.