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Academic partnerships

An open collaboration lives on influences from all sorts of areas. So we keep up academic partnerships as well as corporate cooperations. The close relationship with the University of St Gallen (HSG) ensures we have access to the latest scientific findings. We work on exciting issues with motivated students.

Since September 2017, students on the Business Innovation and Management, Organisation and Culture masters programmes at HSG have been working with us on a task related to our customer portal. This allows them to apply the design thinking method to a real, practical example. During their 10-month course they also regularly visit the innovation garage. Direct, on-the-spot interactions provide additional stimuli. That means we too benefit from the mindset and diversity the students contribute.


HSG is one of Europe’s most famous business universities and a leader in design thinking. Our focus in the cooperation is on continuity so we attain a long-term infusion of input from the academic sector.

«The HSG students work with us on a challenge we set them. They help us to identify and understand customer needs and develop innovative solutions. At the same time, we learn so much more about our future customers. And we have access to an international network of innovators.»


Flurina Hammer, Project Manager Innovation

Our team of six students from St Gallen and Porto focuses on further developing the newly launched portal MyGenerali.

«We are an interdisciplinary, international team. The colleagues from Porto focus on the design of the user interface and technical issues, while those of us from HSG come at things from the business perspective.»


Anthony May, University of St. Gallen

«The cooperation with Generali is focused on our shared interest in bringing about changes that have a lasting impact. Taking part in the programme allowed us to gather valuable experience and combine our different and very broad intentions into a specific aim.»


Mada Tavares, Porto Design Factory

«I bring background knowledge about business administration. I also manage the information in the team and run projects in my focus areas.»


Marco Hauk, University of St. Gallen

«The cooperation with Generali is exceptional; those of us in the student team enjoy close contact with our partners at Generali and support at any time.»


Ruth Lechler, University of St. Gallen

«Our first success in the project was the positive user feedback we got on the prototypes we have developed. It was very instructive to see how different people react to something new and innovative.»


Rafael Viana, Porto Design Factory

«I find it exciting to deal with new problems and challenges using a team approach. The project suits me very well because it gives me an opportunity to develop innovative ideas collectively in a group.»


Gabriela Anjos, Porto Design Factory