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founded on the 13th of October 2017


Who are you?

Andrea – An energetic and inspiring go-getter. I’m our CEO, responsible for sales and partnerships.


Jakeer – An effective solutions architect who can make anything possible. I’m responsible for development.


Sabina – A creative online marketer with a special place in her heart for analytics and start-ups. I’m responsible for Marketing.


Johnny – An astute mathematics guru and ex-professional table-tennis player. I’m responsible for project management and data analysis.


What are you doing exactly?

We are automating the entire billing process for companies and consumers.

We support companies who are currently sending their invoices by post and tracking the incoming payments manually. Billte provides an extremely simple way to send invoices digitally, deliver them to customers via email and track payments. Invoices can be paid directly via email and Billte offers a wide range of payment methods (bank transfer, credit card, installments and e-billing).


Unlike existing solutions that require complex integration and use specific ERP or accounting systems, Billte can be used alongside the systems already in place.


What goals do you want to achieve?

Our goal is to automate the entire billing process for companies so that they can focus on their core business. We also want to make paying and managing invoices easier for consumers. Our long-term goal or vision is to eliminate paper invoices altogether.


At what point are you right now?

We have developed a minimum viable product (MVP), which we are currently testing with a few partners. We are also actively seeking investors to really get Billte off the ground.


What are you doing here in the Innovation Garage?

Work, work, work! The Innovation Garage is an amazing space that inspires you to get creative. We use it for meetings, brainstorming, planning and, of course, for sitting down and getting things done.


What do you like about this area and the cooperation with Generali?

As a start-up, you sometimes have to work with really tight budgets. The great thing about the Innovation Garage is that it provides everything you could want from an office: somewhere to meet partners and clients and an innovative space to be creative in. It makes it so much easier to focus on bringing your innovation to life.


We are very fortunate to be working together with Generali.
Generali brings both corporate experience and global business expertise to the table.