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Enterprise Bot

founded on the 6th of June 2017


Who are you?

We are a global AI company headquartered in Switzerland.


Our tech start-up was co-founded by Pranay Jain (CEO), Ravina Mutha (CMO) and Sandeep Jayasankar (CTO). Our highly diverse team includes software engineers, linguists and data experts who work in India, the Netherlands and here in the Innovation Garage in Zurich.


We started our activities in 2016 when we were selected to take part in various programmes including Startupbootcamp FinTech in London, F10 in Zurich and Platform X by Virgin Trains in London.


What are you doing exactly?

Enterprise Bot creates AI-powered chatbots to automate customer interactions and provide companies with a readily accessible digital agent that improves the customer experience and reduces operational costs by up to 40%.


Our primary focus has been on the financial services industry. Our clientele includes the largest payment services provider in Switzerland and a leading Dutch payment services provider.


What goals do you want to achieve?

Customer service today is broken: it is plagued with high wait times and extremely high costs for companies.


Enterprise Bot resolves these problems through an out-of-the-box solution that is tailored to the client’s requirements. Since the market potential for our technology is immense and growing exponentially, we are aiming to apply our technology to a wide range of use cases including customer service, sales through our recommendation engine, IT Helpdesk ticketing, HR and email categorisation.


At what point are you right now?

We are already live and working with market leaders, such as Generali Group, SIX Group, and Afterpay.


What are you doing here in the Innovation Garage?

We were the very first start-up to enjoy the innovation space of Generali. Pranay, Ravina, Carmina (Project Manager), Jacob (Data Expert) and Giulia (Linguistic Intern) are working in the Innovation Garage.


Our main activities here involve close contact with Swiss clients as well as cooperation with other start-ups from the Garage, such as Lings.


What do you like about this area and the cooperation with Generali?

We are glad to be able to work in an environment that values innovation and to be surrounded by other innovative minds.


With Generali, we have collaborated on our project “Mia – the virtual assistant”, which will transform users lives by taking away the hassle of scheduling meetings completely autonomously, so they can focus on things that really matter, and the email classification project helping the contact center save over 1,000 hours. All this would not be possible without the start-up-friendly culture at Generali.