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founded on the 19th of October 2017


Who are you?

We are former bank employees who want to improve the customer experience of banking clients and internal bank processes in compliance and risk management.


Tired of corporate bureaucracy and overregulation, we have decided to enter the thrilling world of start-ups.


What are you doing exactly?

We create value for both investors and financial institutions by offering them a user-centric investor profiling tool with social and behavioural insights, allowing customers to be matched with the most suitable investment products.


What goals do you want to achieve?

Our vision is to empower better investment decisions by offering personalised investment solutions for everyone.


At what point are you right now?

We are currently working on two proof of concepts.


What are you doing here in the Innovation Garage?

Enjoying the friendly atmosphere filled with inspiring ideas, entrepreneurial spirit and out-of-the-box thinking – it’s something not to miss out on. Apart from that, we are also working on a project together with Generali.


What do you like about this area and the cooperation with Generali?

Generali has an extremely open-minded environment, which fosters research, co-creation and collaboration. It is great at bridging two worlds – that of external innovation by start-ups and that of internal organisation. It is great to be immersed in this unique community and be able to engage with like-minded corporate innovators as well as fellow start-ups at the same time.