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Shift Crypto­security

founded in October 2015


Who are you?

We envision a future where people will be free to enjoy complete privacy and independence in a secure digital world. In our hearts and minds, our team believes deeply in the Bitcoin promise of financial sovereignty.


As engineers and developers, we have understood that this requires people to hold their own keys and verify their own transactions with their own hardware. We equip everyone with cryptographically secure hardware that is Swiss made.


What are you doing exactly?

Shift’s flagship product, the BitBox, is a hardware wallet and second factor authenticator (FIDO®-U2F) that acts as a digital vault, providing the highest level of “cold storage” protection for blockchain-based cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and ERC20 tokens. Designed and manufactured entirely in Switzerland, BitBoxes have been sold in over 100 countries to date.


What goals do you want to achieve?

We have an ambitious goal to sell one million BitBoxes worldwide. This means introducing a new consumer product category – personal crypto devices – where “crypto” stands for “cryptocurrencies” and “cryptography”. To get there, we have to navigate our early growth stages successfully.


At what point are you right now?

In the spring of 2017, we had a team of two and an initial product – the BitBox – that had sold a few hundred units.


Now, in spring 2018, we have a team of 15; the BitBox is selling across the world via a growing network of 20 leading consumer electronics resellers and on platforms such as Amazon and Digitec. We are now working on our 2nd generation Swiss-made product, which is scheduled for release in Q3 2018.


What are you doing here in the Innovation Garage?

At Generali’s Innovation Garage, we develop hardware and software, and program, test and ship our hardware wallet “BitBox” to consumers and resellers around the world. Our activities include engineering, marketing, sales support, HR and logistics.


What do you like about this area and the cooperation with Generali?

We appreciate the first-rate infrastructure as well as the proximity to other dynamic start-ups in the Fintech sector and to Generali employees: networking opportunities allow us to connect with other teams and benefit from each other’s expertise. The Innovation Garage staff always support us with a positive and helpful attitude and encourage a community atmosphere.