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Corporate cooperations

Corporate cooperations are essential for Generali. They lead to productive exchanges and increase the potential for innovation. As a corporate member of the F10 fintech incubator we have direct access to an innovation hub run by leading financial service providers in Switzerland. This allows us to promote start-ups that offer insurance-related products and work together to develop them.


Generali encourages innovative start-ups through its F10 development programme


Generali became a Corporate Member of the FinTech Incubator F10 in March 2017, gaining direct access to an innovation hub run by leading financial service providers in Switzerland. This membership enables Generali to support and help develop start-ups offering insurance-related products.


The people behind start-ups are also invited to spend six months in the innovation hub at Förrlibuckstrasse 10, Zurich. During this time, legal specialists and marketing professionals give participants tips and concrete to-do’s, and two coaches are on hand at all times. The programme also offers start-ups a wide network of mentors and investors from throughout Switzerland, as well as support with regard to company foundation, marketing, branding, legal matters, investment and sponsoring.

Twice a year, Generali and the other partners of F10 – SIX, Baloise, ZKB, Julius Bär, PwC Switzerland, Raiffeisen, eny Finance und ERI Bancaire – select participants from the most promising start-ups. The idea is to choose companies whose growth will be of relevance to all or most of the partners. 

Generali launched its own start-up within F10 last summer. Lings offers an innovative, highly flexible insurance model.

"Thanks to the lively participation by the Generali innovation team in the F10 fintech incubator, all Generali staff can effectively work alongside on the development of selected start-ups. The collaboration gives the start-up its first paying customer and Generali new products and important information about new technologies, trends and business models. As the old saying goes: “Working alone means adding. Working together means multiplying.”


Thomas Landis, Head of F10 Incubator & Accelerator