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Discover the many and varied opportunities for designing a career and developing yourself at Generali.


What we can promise professionals

Lots of opportunities to play a decisive part


At Generali, not every way to achieve the right results is laid down in advance. We give you lots of scope for doing what you want to do alongside ways of contributing your own skills and experience.

The One Big Family spirit



Experience a way of working with others that isn't about elbowing each other out of the way, but is based on mutual support and the open sharing of ideas. Enjoy the special family atmosphere, passed on to you and made a living reality by people who've been with us for years.

A management culture founded on respect


Dedication is valued at Generali and managers are open in their dealings with you, treating you with respect and providing you with motivation. You can look forward to being given responsibility and the confidence you need to perform your tasks in your own way.


Specialist areas at Generali



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