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Tips and tricks for breakdowns with hybrid vehicles

Electric and hybrid cars are a growing trend, with purchases even being encouraged. But handling these vehicles takes a bit of know-how. Here are the key tips and tricks.

Events – So schützen Sie sich vor Langfinger

Grossveranstaltungen. Ob Zürifäscht oder Streetparade. Sie alle brechen Besucherrekord. Doch mit dem Spass kommt oft auch der Frust. Denn Gelegenheit macht Diebe.

Generali wins best death benefits insurance

A study by the Swiss Institute for Quality Tests (SIQT) has found that our product is the best one on the market.

Openness and curiosity are key to success

Excitement about the future, passion and personal responsibility. These are the qualities Jean-Pierre, Head of Human Resources, looks for in new employees.

"We pay fair": seal of approval for wage equality

Generali Switzerland receives the “We pay fair” seal of approval from the University of St. Gallen.

Fine-tuning know-how in the Innovation Garage

Graduate student Jana Künzler loves the inspiring working environment at Generali.

These technologies are changing the insurance world

Prof. Hato Schmeiser, University of St Gallen, on AI, big data, blockchain and digital monitoring.

Test winner in the category of transparency and comfort

With our car and legal protection insurance, we have been placed on the podium in the SIQT quality tests.

Between the office and the pitch

Thanks to the commercial sport apprenticeship, it's easy for Lukas Aeberli to balance his profession with his passion.

Crime at ski resorts: how to protect yourself against theft

Year after year, thieves have their eyes on expensive winter sports equipment.

What does a "white hat hacker" actually do?

Which weak points in IT systems will cyber criminals exploit in the future? Security expert and white hat hacker Marc Ruef addresses these questions.

Make online purchases securely

Online is a popular way to shop, since it makes things so convenient. We'll teach you how to recognise their tricks – so you won't fall for them yourself.

Developing awareness for the dangers of the digital world

We interviewed IT security expert Harald Reisinger and he explained how even security specialists can become victims of cyber attacks.

Technical and human weaknesses make easy work for data thieves

Jean-Laurent Guinchard and Peter Fröstl explain how to shore up security gaps and what benefits the cyber protection can bring.

How to boost your productivity when working remotely

Done correctly, working remotely is an opportunity to boost your productivity—here's how.

Top tips for Millennials planning early retirement

Millennials aim to retire early—here are some ways of starting your journey to early retirement.

Unexpected places that germs are hiding in your home

Most homes have dirt and germs lurking in places you don't expect. This is where bacteria could be hiding in your kitchen, bathroom and living room!

Electric and hybrid cars: everything you need to know

Are electric and hybrid cars they right for you? This depends on your budget and how often you drive.

Safe driving hacks for senior drivers

Driving as you get older requires some new skills—check out this guide.

Keep your online password secure with these hacks

Our tips will help you create secure passwords without having to remember strings of random characters.

How 2 decades of digital has transformed interactions

How has the rise of instant messaging changed the way businesses interact with consumers?

Keep your kids safe online

This guide shows you how to make sure that your kids are getting the best out of the web while staying safe.

Eight things you need to fight a small house fire

House fires can cause devastating damage, but don't panic: you can keep it under control.

Eight things all first-time drivers need to know

First-time drivers can learn how to avoid the dangers of the road with this guide

Don't overdo it at work: How to avoid burnout

Stressed at work? Here are some tips you can follow to improve your work-life balance.

How to make it safely through the holiday season

Our tips will help you handle candles safely and enjoy a safe Christmas.