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How to boost your productivity when working remotely

For some, working remotely is a dream come true. But it can be a double-edged sword. You’ve got more freedom, but doing less work is tempting. After all, no-one is monitoring you. Done correctly, working remotely is an opportunity to boost your productivity. And you could actually work fewer hours.

Sound too good to be true? Here’s how you can do it.


Go to work!

Working remotely means staying in bed and not getting dressed, right? Not if you want to have a super productive day! Put on clothes and go somewhere specific to work. This could be a home office or café. It will set you up for a productive day. 


Help the environment

You don’t have to drive a car work. Use a co-working space that’s close to where you live. This is still quite a new trend in Switzerland. But shared workplaces are available in major Swiss cities. And not just offices, but also, for example, workshops for artists. Sharing facilities will save you money and boost your creativity. All while helping the environment. Here's a good place to start looking for one.


Create first, analyse second

Start with your trickiest, most creative work. This takes advantage of your ability to focus in the morning. Later, your energy levels start to drop. After the tricky work, move on to easier admin tasks.



Multitasking is a myth. It is simply switching between single tasks quickly. This comes at a cognitive cost that kills productivity. So focus on one thing at a time. Email is the biggest productivity killer of all. Limit how often you check it. Try just once at lunchtime and once late afternoon.


Set up an auto-response when you are away from email. This helps manage expectations and avoid missing emergencies. Add your phone number to auto-responses. This gives people a route to contact you if needed. Avoid social media and other digital distractions. If you don’t trust yourself, use an app like Freedom. It temporarily blocks tempting sites and apps.


Stop working

To maximise productivity and quality, it’s important to recharge your batteries. So, set a time to stop working. Stick to it and avoid anything work-related after that. You perform at your best when you're refreshed the next day!