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Spring check-up for your car

Cold temperatures and road salt do quite a number on your car in the winter. Why not treat it to a wellness programme? These tips and tricks will help you drive safely into the warmer months and do your car some good.

Here’s how to make sure your car is fit for spring: 


1. Off to the car wash 

Use a pressure washer to remove the toughest dirt before going to the car wash. Make sure to select a programme that includes an undercarriage wash to eliminate any salt residue underneath.

2. Touch up paint damage 

Salt, bird droppings and resin corrode the paintwork. After washing your car, check for paint damage and touch it up where necessary. Don’t forget: protect the paintwork.

3. Interior spring cleaning 

Open all of the doors and thoroughly air out your car. Remove floor mats, shake them out and vacuum them. Wearing a rubber glove, brush you hand over cloth and felt covers in the direction of the fibres to remove pet and other hair.

4. Say goodbye to dirt and dust 

Thoroughly vacuum the interior including the boot. Dust off door panels, the dashboard and other plastic components and wipe them off with a damp cloth. Clean door and window seals with warm water and then lubricate them.

5. For a good view 

Clean all windows on the inside with glass cleaner. Roll down the side windows so you can wipe off the dirt in the grooves. 

6. Windscreen wipers and washer fluid 

Replace the windscreen wipers if necessary. Fill up the windscreen washer system with a summer formula.

7. Empty the boot 

It’s time to store snow chains and snow brushes in the garage or basement.

8. Less drag 

Remove roof racks and boxes in order to save fuel.

9. For a good grip 

Change your tyres. Experts advise against wearing down your winter tyres. In the summer, your car will brake better on dry and wet roads with summer tyres. Before installing them, make sure they have enough of a tread and have them balanced. Please note: if you live at a high elevation, you should wait until May to change your tyres.

10. Under the bonnet 

Brake fluid, oil level, coolant, battery status, lights, brakes and shock absorbers – it’s a good idea to have all of these things checked at a garage. Maybe you’re due for a service anyway, in which case you can also do an emission test if necessary. Should the exhaust have developed cracks or holes from the cold, these need to be welded.

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