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At last, the new Bligg Unplugged album is out.

Bligg’s first acoustic album is being released today before the start of the big Unplugged Tour in December. And we are in veritable Bligg fever! We will be accompanying Bligg exclusively on his tour in our capacity as official partner.

In his 20-year career, Bligg has built up a huge fan base that spans four generations and the whole of German-speaking Switzerland. Families are his focus now, since becoming a father himself in 2017. He is dedicating some very special concerts to families on his tour.


During our partnership with Bligg, we have already experienced many exciting moments. We were with him at a number of his performances and are now exclusively presenting his Unplugged Tour in December with a lot of activities directly at the venues that will make the show even more enjoyable. In 2020 we will continue to expand our partnership, which we are already really looking forward to.


But let’s hear it from Bligg himself:


“Hi Marco. This is your first Unplugged Tour. What can you tell us about it?”

I gave the most exclusive concert of my entire career last summer – an acoustic showcase in the transmission tower on the Üetliberg. My audience was a mere ten people, contest winners. The atmosphere and the scenery were fantastic. From up there I had a 360-degree view of the entire region, and decided on the spot that once I was back on the ground, I wanted to go on a tour where I could be closer to my audience and make the dialogue more genuine and spontaneous. And here we are today. I am really looking forward to going on my Unplugged Tour with Generali as my partner.


“You decided to partner with Generali. How do Swiss dialect music and insurance fit together? People generally think of insurance as a rather dry subject and probably boring for a performing artist.”

Generali had been looking to cooperate with partners in a way that provides personal and authentic proximity to the public. My acoustic tour fits the bill. This is because I also want to get closer to my fans than is normally possible at the concert venues or festivals where I usually play. I sensed that Generali had a genuine need for a way of communicating its proximity to customers in a place where this is being lived intensively – like at my concerts.


“What does the partnership with Generali mean to you?”

I tend to be cautious when it comes to partnerships, and it is really important to me that everything fits at all levels. The chemistry between me and Generali was immediately good, and I can identify fully with the message they are conveying. Generali was really enthusiastic about the idea of partnering with the Unplugged Tour right from the onset – and I was very much taken by their ideas and dynamism. Apart from that, I feel a connection with Generali because of their origin and history: Generali has its roots in Italy and “grew up” in Switzerland, just like me.


Here’s to some exciting times!


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Download the new album: