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Commercial vehicle insurance

Optimum security for you and your vehicle

Industrial enterprises, hauliers, construction companies – all of them rely on their commercial vehicles. That's why comprehensive insurance cover is essential in the event of a claim or accident. Whether comprehensive or partial accident damage or theft cover, your commercial vehicle insurance covers your transporter, articulated lorry or cement mixers, ensuring that your company does not come to a standstill.

How you benefit

  • Improved services thanks to our partnership with a glass breakage specialist and EUROP Assistance
  • Guarantee 7: We guarantee to settle your claim within seven days
  • Accident insurance
  • Waiver of right of recourse in the event of gross negligence

The simple solution for you and your commercial vehicle

UTILA commercial vehicle insurance offers a complete package at an attractive price: Alongside the mandatory third-party liability insurance and the automatically integrated assistance service, it includes a free choice of either comprehensive or partial accidental damage insurance as well as accident cover.


In addition to mandatory third-party liability insurance, commercial vehicle insurance offers:

  • comprehensive accidental damage insurance for new or relatively new vehicles including cover for collision damage to your own vehicle.
  • the partial accidental damage PLUS option for mobile homes, which allows partial accidental damage insurance to be upgraded to comprehensive accidental damage insurance (i.e. collision damage) for 24 consecutive days per year
  • partial accidental damage cover for damage resulting from theft, fire, natural events, snow slides, glass breakages, collisions with animals, damage caused by martens and vandalism


There are many good reasons to take out UTILA commercial vehicle insurance:


Commercial vehicle insurance offers comprehensive cover for commercial vehicles such as

  • Delivery vans and trucks
  • Minibuses and coaches
  • Agricultural vehicles (e.g. tractors) and industrial tractors
  • Electric vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Motorcycles and passenger vehicles used for commercial purposes (e.g. taxis, rental vehicles, ambulances and driving school vehicles)
  • Mobile homes


For the ecologically-minded, we offer a premium reduction of 25% for vehicles which run on alternative energy sources.


Everyone can benefit from our no claims bonus cover, cover for damage to headlights of passenger vehicles (including xenon headlights), waiver of right of recourse in the event of gross negligence, an advantageous newcomers bonus when a range of drivers are added to the policy and the option of insuring goods and effects in transit.


How UTILA commercial vehicle insurance works – an example

Daniel Byrne is a self-employed tradesman. One day, his drill and a number of other tools are stolen out of his locked delivery vehicle, which is parked right outside his store.


Luckily, Mr Byrne has concluded supplementary insurance for commercial items. That means he can claim reimbursement for the stolen items within the guaranteed insured amount.


Summary of the details

What benefits does UTILA commercial vehicle insurance offer?


The policy includes assistance for passenger vehicles, delivery vehicles, motorcycles and mobile homes up to 3,500 kg, if mandatory third-party liability insurance is in place. It is unlimited within Switzerland and valid for a maximum of 90 days abroad.


If you have full or partial accidental damage cover, we work together with a glass breakage specialist when your vehicle requires windscreen repairs or replacement.

You also have the option of supplementing your policy with:

  • Accident insurance for drivers and passengers, irrespective of liability
  • Transport module to insure transported goods
  • Commercial and personal effects

Important questions

The insurance covers drivers, vehicle holders and passengers.

The insurance contract takes effect on the date stated in the policy and is renewed each year automatically for the period of one year unless terminated by one of the parties at least three months prior to the expiry date.

All insurance products (third-party liability, accidental damage, passenger protection and assistance) are valid in Switzerland, the Principality of Liechtenstein and all EU/EEA countries listed on the current «green card » (international motor insurance card).

The premium is calculated based on the scope of cover selected and depends on multiple criteria, such as:

  • Age
  • Driving licence date
  • Bonus/penalty
  • Vehicle (type, performance, value)

Additional options