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Innovative, customised legal protection insurance for your company

FORTUNA Complete protects your company against legal and financial risks – based on a flexible and modular approach

Your employee demands considerable additional payments for overtime following notice of termination. Your company is denigrated on social media. Your service is criticised by a customer. A supplier is threatening legal action against your company. An employee is involved in a collision in one of the company’s vehicles. Incidents like these can become a burden on your company. FORTUNA Complete legal protection offers a extensive package tailored to meet your company’s requirements. 

How you benefit

  • Attractive basic cover with freely selectable modules that you can adjust to fit the exact needs of your company
  • Lawyers’ fees and the costs of expert opinions and court proceedings covered up to a value of CHF 1'000'000 per case
  • No deductible, no minimum disputed sum
  • Fast, competent assistance from experienced legal experts and lawyers


Thanks to its modular structure, FORTUNA Complete suits any company that wants protection against legal and financial risks.


You select only those modules your company needs. Fortuna’s legal experts represent your interests in cases of dispute and help with legal issues, allowing you to focus your full attention on your core business.


The corporate legal protection insurance module Basic covers all a company’s most important basic requirements and can be combined flexibly with the corporate legal protection Top, vehicle legal protection, real estate and landlords’ legal protection, Internet legal protection and two service modules for debt collection and advisory legal protection.

Detailed overview of modules:

Whichever modules you decide to take, you will always be on the safe side with this customised corporate legal protection insurance. Your company will receive expert help from experienced legal specialists and lawyers.




In the case of a legal dispute, Fortuna will represent your interests quickly and in a straightforward manner, as the following example shows:


Tiles Ltd is commissioned to renovate the offices of Company plc.

The required materials have been ordered, and two tradesmen have been booked in to do the work. But then, three weeks before the job is due to start, Company plc no longer wants the work done. The company maintains that it is not bound by a contract because no written contract was signed. In addition, Tiles Ltd finds out that the offices have already been renovated by a rival company.


This comes as a bitter blow to Tiles Ltd. It has already made a significant advance payment on the materials it ordered.

The supplier insists that it takes the materials and pays for them in full. Not only that, one of the two tradesmen engaged to do the work puts in a claim for lost income and writes a damaging post about the company on social media.


Tiles Ltd turns to FORTUNA’s legal experts:


  • With the help of FORTUNA’s experts, Tiles Ltd proves the existence of a legally binding oral contract with Company plc and makes a successful claim for damages.
  • The tradesman’s unjustified claim for lost income is successfully disputed. In addition, FORTUNA orders the deletion of the social media post and files a libel charge against the tradesman.
  • Thanks to FORTUNA’s negotiating expertise, the supplier takes back the materials and refunds the advance payment in full.


The rapid, straightforward assistance provided by FORTUNA’s legal experts saves this small company a great deal of trouble and prevents it from incurring financial losses.

Important questions

Your insurance cover applies to legal cases that occur and are reported to Fortuna during the term of the insurance contract after a waiting period of 60 days from the beginning of the contract. The insurance is renewed automatically for one year at the end of the term if it is not terminated at least three months before expiry.

FORTUNA Complete legal protection offers a maximum cover sum of CHF 1'000'000 per case in Switzerland and, where listed in the policy, CHF 500'000 in Europe and CHF 100'000 in rest of the world.

Depending on the module and insured risk, the insurance cover applies in Switzerland and partially in the Principality of Liechtenstein, Europe and the rest of the world. 

Your company and the operating activities of the co-insured companies and subsidiaries listed in your policy are insured. 

The premium depends on your company’s business activities, revenue, payroll and number of the employees.