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Legal protection insurance

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Has a client complained about your services? Is a supplier threatening legal action? Is an employee making an unjustified wage claim? Regardless of whether it's employment, contract or insurance law, legal disputes mean inconvenience and costs. Your legal protection insurance offers you unique support: as well as assuming the costs arising from processing, court appearances and the drafting of legal opinions, your company is supported by a personal lawyer, enabling you to focus on your core business with peace of mind.

How you benefit

  • A lawyer as a personal contact partner for you and your company
  • Legal protection for your core business
  • We assume all costs arising from processing, court appearances and the drafting of legal opinions
  • Consulting hours for all areas of law (number of hours dependent on premiums)
  • No deductible, no minimum disputed sum
  • No-claims bonus system (premium reduction of up to 34%)
  • All company vehicles included in cover at no additional cost

The legal protection insurance for your company.

The FORTUNA Complete legal protection insurance puts a personal lawyer at your side, and that's a service no other insurer in Switzerland offers.


The legal protection insurance guarantees you legal protection up to a cover sum of a maximum of CHF 300,000 in areas including:

  • Civil damages law (property damage and personal injury)
  • Criminal law and road traffic insurance law
  • Labour law
  • Insurance law
  • Neighbours' rights law
  • Tenancy and leasehold law (as the tenant/lessee of real estate)
  • Licence suspension and vehicle contract law


Up to a maximum cover sum of CHF 100,000:

  • Civil damages law (financial damage)
  • Sales and tenancy law and gifts (moveable assets)
  • User loan (moveable assets)/loan/leasing (as lessee)
  • Works contract
  • Simple agency contract
  • Commission (moveable assets)
  • Accommodation and hospitality contract (as provider of accommodation/hospitality)


In addition: Support and advice in all other areas of law (number of hours dependent on premiums)


An exhaustive list of services can be found in the General Policy Conditions.


How legal protection insurance works – an example

The company Tiles Ltd has tiled all accessible terraces as part of a major building project. After the work's completed, it turns out that rain water is getting into the rooms underneath the terrace. The builder is annoyed, blames Tiles Ltd and asserts a legal claim. Not only that, but he also refuses to pay anything. What happens next? We step in and assume the negotiations on Tiles Ltd's behalf and challenge the builder's claim. We clarify the legal situation and, by means of a legal opinion, establish that an architectural fault was the cause of the damage. The builder relents and pays Tiles Ltd the full amount owing for the work it performed.


During the entire proceedings, Tiles Ltd was able to have confidence that its interests were fully represented by Generali, so it was able to stop worrying and focus on its core business.


Summary of the details

What makes FORTUNA Complete legal protection insurance unique?

  • Personal lawyer: to make sure you get the best possible support and ensure continuity, you are supported by a personal lawyer.
  • Tailor-made solutions: We agree insurance cover with you based on your company's needs.

Important questions

The contract is concluded for the duration indicated in the Policy. Insurance cover for contract disputes takes effect following a three-month waiting period. If the policyholder is commencing business activities (a start-up), insurance cover takes effect when the policy is concluded. The insurance is renewed automatically for one year at the end of the term if it is not terminated at least three moths before expiry.

In Switzerland and the EU/EFTA. Worldwide insurance cover is in force for road traffic up to a cover sum of CHF 100,000.

The legal protection insurance covers the company and also its employees and the members of its board of directors and executive committee in the pursuance of their professional duties in the following areas: civil damages law, criminal law and road traffic insurance law, compensation of victims of crime and suspension of driving licences.

The premium depends in particular on the following factors, which are to be adjusted annually:

  • Revenue and total salaries
  • No. of employees
  • Duration of business activities


If no claims are lodged, the premium is reduced in accordance with the bonus system.


Example: A carpentry company with five employees pays a premium of CHF 1,690 per year. If no claims are lodged, this premium is reduced as follows:


1st year: 100% CHF 1,690

2nd year: 90% CHF 1,521

3rd year: 81% CHF 1,368

4th year: 73% CHF 1,233

5th year 66% CHF 1,115