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Construction guarantee insurance


When you need to provide sureties or guarantees to third parties, Generali is on hand to help. This can help prevent your financial resources from being tied up unnecessarily. You can then invest those funds sensibly and use them to start new projects. Or you can gain an edge over your competitors by virtue of your excellent credit rating.

Generali construction guarantee insurance


Guarantees and sureties for your projects

Having money tied up unnecessarily stops your company making important investments in attractive projects. We think you should be able to concentrate fully on your construction activities. That is why Generali can provide sureties and guarantees with our construction insurance.


Construction guarantee insurance is suitable for all companies in the construction industry that are required to offer guarantees to their customers under Sia Standard 118.



What is insured?

Generali can provide your business partners or the state with the following safeguards:

  • Performance guarantees against delayed and/or inadequate performance
  • Joint security in favour of the state or canton for occupations that require a licence and a deposit
  • Sureties covering obligations towards the landlord, state, canton, municipality, etc.


With its construction insurance offering, Generali can also assume other guarantees on your behalf. The most important types are:

  • Advance payment guarantees: advance payment to third parties for deliveries and work to be carried out
  • Performance guarantees: performance of work or deliveries in accordance with the contract
  • Works guarantees: rectification of defects in completed work or deliveries

Your benefits

  • You improve your company’s liquidity
  • You receive sureties and guarantees from Generali
  • You retain your bank credit line
  • You can reduce the collateral you hold with your bank
  • You can enter sureties yourself quickly and easily using the online tool

How construction guarantee insurance works


Practical example

The construction company Constructa AG wins a tender for a construction project. The client now wants Constructa to provide a works guarantee from a bank or insurer for 10% of the contract amount as security. Instead of obtaining this guarantee from its bank, which would tie up funds, Constructa obtains this guarantee from Generali. Once Generali has established that Constructa has an excellent reputation and solvency, the firm enters into a framework agreement with Generali. Constructa receives personalised access to the online tool, where it can view or print out guarantees or apply for new ones.

Generali stands surety for Constructa towards its client for the eventuality that the company enters into liquidation.


With the construction guarantee insurance in place, Constructa AG can present the required works guarantee immediately and quickly get started on the project – without any funds being tied up at the bank.


Before Generali stands surety, we check that there are no issues with our policyholder. How is their solvency? How is their general financial situation? If your company is in good shape, Generali will stand surety for you. This means that it guarantees your company’s indirect solvency via a construction guarantee. This leaves the company with greater liquidity to invest and able to devote itself to new construction projects.

Generali construction guarantee insurance is suitable for firms in the construction industry that have to issue guarantees to their clients.


You enter into a framework agreement with Generali. It defines your particular needs and the size of the sureties. We store this profile at


After that, it’s very simple: if you have won a project and need a surety or guarantee, apply online, print out the paperwork and attach it to the client documentation. At, you can also check your current guarantee volume at any time and view all current sureties/guarantees.

The premium is calculated based on the size of the required guarantee multiplied by rate in tenths of a percentage point.