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Construction insurance


Accidents and damage are common occurrences in building work. A concrete ceiling collapses, a crane tips over or a foundation pit falls in. Such incidents can be very expensive. Construction insurance from Generali gives you all-round protection against claims for damages from third parties and damage or loss for your construction project.

Generali construction insurance coverage


Indispensable insurance for all your construction projects

If you look at the risks, construction insurance can be very worthwhile. Construction insurance from Generali is doubly attractive: it encompasses both insurance for material damage resulting from accidents and principal’s liability insurance for third-party claims. And, if your company needs other specific cover, your construction insurance offers the flexibility of including additional modules.



What is insured?

There is a wide range of construction risks that are difficult to foresee. Construction insurance from Generali offers you security in the building phase and ideal coverage:


Construction damage and loss

  • damage to or destruction of construction work caused by unforeseeable and sudden construction accidents
  • loss due to theft
  • water damage to building
  • malicious damage


Principal’s liability insurance

  • insurance coverage for claims arising from personal injury or property damage
  • defence against unjustified third-party claims
  • Generali pays your loss prevention costs



What add-ons are available?

This construction insurance offers you a range of add-on options. For example, you can also insure:

  • existing constructions and moveable property located in them
  • scaffolding and formwork materials and temporary structures, construction offices, fencing, advertising signs
  • building plot and ground
  • more

How you benefit

  • Covers construction work and third-party claims for damages in a single product
  • Also covers the costs of cleaning up, fault finding and reconstruction
  • Flexible addition of supplementary insurance that is important for your company and your construction project

How Generali construction insurance works


Practical example

Dr Andreotti is extending his medical practice: additional treatment rooms are being added on and the waiting room is being extended to include a balcony. With the building work under way, a neighbour is now complaining that there are cracks in the wall at their house. The neighbour demands that repair work be carried out. But that is not all: during construction of the balcony, part of the existing facade breaks off and falls into the foundation pit. After the plans are examined, it is concluded that the engineer’s calculations were correct and the safety provisions have been adhered to.


Thanks to the construction insurance in place, Dr Andreotti has no reason to worry. Generali covers:

  • the costs for reconstruction of the balcony
  • the costs of fully repairing the façade (existing structure), which is not part of the original construction work
  • the costs of repairing or replacing the movable property in the building that was damaged or destroyed as a result of the façade collapse
  • the costs that third parties have incurred if the cracks in the wall are actually connected to the construction work at the medical practice
  • the defence of Dr Andreotti’s medical practice in the event of a dispute against unjustified claims by the neighbour, if the damage was not caused by the construction work


The policy is concluded for the duration of the construction work. It ends when the insured construction work is accepted or considered to be accepted. But no later than the date agreed in the policy.

Principal’s liability insurance insures the principal and the owner of the building plot. Construction insurance against damage and loss insures the principal, the geologists, architects, engineers and contractors, including subcontractors.

New construction or redevelopment as well as renovation of a turnkey building are insured. All construction work including fees that the principal commissions or performs.

The premium depends on the type of construction, location of the building, selected cover and insured amount.

Additional options

Protects your business against legal and financial risks.

Protects your vehicles in the event of glass breakage, theft and collision.

Protects your business and your employees in the event of costly accidents.