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Operational facilities

Comprehensive cover in the event of mechanical failure or loss of income

The till is jammed, the filling plant is stuck, the generator has broken down – defects in technical equipment have a serious impact. They can bring your production to a standstill and lead to lost sales. Insurance for technical equipment allows you to protect your machinery and company against damage-related repairs, replacement costs and lost earnings due to an interruption in business, so a mechanical outage doesn't turn into an existential threat.

How you benefit

  • Full, simple, flexible insurance cover
  • The ideal supplement to MODULA business inventory and third-party liability insurance, without the risk of duplicated insurance
  • Optimum insurance cover for all your operational facilities
  • Insurance cover tailored to your needs

Tailor-made cover for your business

TECHNICA insurance for technical equipment protects your equipment against the consequences of loss or damage.


The insurance for technical equipment insures all your operational facilities, whether on the premises or in circulation.

  • On-site IT materials
  • On-site electronic equipment: e.g. drinks dispensers, cash registers, telephone system, packaging equipment, x-ray equipment, etc.
  • Fixed machinery at the company's premises: e.g. hydraulic press, lift, boiler, dough-kneading machinery, satellite dish, etc.
  • Mobile machinery at the company's premises: e.g. hoist, welding machinery, overhead crane, crusher, generator, etc.
  • Machinery or items in circulation, e.g. self-propelled crane, hydraulic digger, compacting ram, equipment, laptop, etc.


How TECHNICA insurance for technical equipment works – an example

Mr Pine owns a bakery. The dough-kneading machinery suddenly stops working as a result of an operating error made by his apprentice.


As a result,

  • the dough has to be kneaded by hand: the entire production process is delayed
  • the quantity of goods that can be sold is significantly reduced


But there's no need for him to worry. We're here for him and will reimburse

  • the costs of the repairs to or replacement of the kneading machine
  • the costs for uninstalling and transporting the kneading machine
  • the lost earnings resulting from the significantly reduced production


Summary of the details

What benefits does TECHNICA insurance for technical equipment offer?

  • We pick up the bill for the repair costs for the insured losses.
  • We reimburse the replacement value of the destroyed item.
  • We refund the costs incurred for the removal of the destroyed items.
  • We offset the loss of sales when business is interrupted due to damage to equipment or machinery.

Important questions

The insurance comes into force on the date set out in the policy. The insurance cover for the insured equipment applies to the stationary insured items at the locations listed in the policy, for items in circulation in Switzerland, the Principality of Liechtenstein and the enclaves of Büsingen and Campione. If desired, circulation may be insured worldwide.

What is the term of the insurance?

Partial cover insurance

Sudden and unforeseen damage, destruction or loss due to external factors, such as falling over, collision, collapse, overturning, vandalism, etc.


Integral insurance

Partial cover and damage due to internal causes, such as incorrect operation, short circuit, overturning or introduction of a foreign body into the equipment.


Business interruption

We offset the loss of sales, minus the difference between the likely and actual costs.


Insured benefits

Repair costs, minus a depreciable amount. In the event of a total loss, reimbursement of the replacement value, minus a depreciation amount calculated on the basis of the technical lifespan of the destroyed item. Removal costs and disposal charges

The premium depends on the insured risks (type of machinery), the scope of cover selected and the insurance sum.


Additional options