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Care management

Support to ensure rapid reintegration

As a business owner, you care about your employees' health and want to offer employees who are ill or have suffered accidents the best possible care and reintegrate them into the workplace rapidly. Care Management helps you achieve this with health promotion and case and absence management programmes, making sure your employees and company are well looked after.

Overview: Four modules

  • Health promotion
  • Absence management
  • Case management
  • Statistics

What is case management?

Generali works closely together with you, the business owner, to achieve an agreed objective that benefits everyone: getting employees who have been ill or have suffered accidents back to work as soon as possible and under the best possible conditions. To do this, we draw on the best experts we have as well as the best from elsewhere and work together with all the interested parties in the fields of personal and social insurance.


Our Care Management philosophy

At Generali, we take the insurance of persons particularly seriously. A company’s most valuable asset is its employees; that's why we assist your employees and you, the business owner, in the event of illness or accident. In addition to our accident and loss of earnings insurance in the event of illness, we offer a comprehensive and proactive care management approach: prevention programmes to reduce absenteeism and ensuring claims are handled efficiently. Based on this approach and working together with health experts, we've devised a four-module programme that can be adapted to individual companies' needs.


Summary of the details

What benefits does Generali's Care Management offer?


We offer you a four-module programme that can be adapted to your needs.

Your company faces many challenges? Your employees do too.


To ensure that good fortune continues to shine on you, invest in your employees' health thanks to Generali's health promotion programme, which can be adapted to the needs of your company. As you're sure to know, optimum working conditions are crucial to your company's competitiveness.


Health Promotion factsheet

Is your company facing a sharp increase in absences and the lost production and motivation that follow from it?


Generali offers absence management programmes that concentrate on the causes of absence and allow a targeted, rapid return to work. These enable your company to put in place a modern absence management policy and access the latest findings from specialists in this field.


Absence Management factsheet

Has there been a serious accident or illness in your company?


Generali has developed a specific triage tool to identify potentially complex cases at an early stage, so that our specialists can engage our network of consultant and examining physicians and external partners as soon as possible. Depending on the case, an external case manager may be brought on board.


Case Management factsheet

Would you like more detailed information on your employees' absences?


To master your absence problem, you need to identify the costs and structures of absences. Generali offers you tailor-made statistics to suit your needs. The free SUNET software allows you to generate statistics simply and quickly and send us information on your employees' absences electronically.


Statistics factsheet

Important questions

The employee reintegration process consists of four steps:


1st step

Notification of absence due to illness/accident by the employer.


2nd step

Compilation of a file by a specialist administrator working together with a medical caregiver.


3rd step

Compilation of a medical opinion by Generali working together with the employer.


4th step

Intervention by the case manager: Organising working hours, resumption of work for therapeutic purposes or resumption of a suitable activity



These measures are initiated by Generali, but can be put into effect at the request of the policyholder.


Care Management brochure (in German)