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The market is highly competitive – and not only for products and services. When it comes to finding and retaining qualified personnel, it’s especially important for employers to offer an attractive overall package. One that includes additional insurance alongside the traditional employee benefits. The more time passes, the more important this additional insurance becomes. We are happy to help with our supplementary cover to daily sickness allowance insurance.

What the Generali supplement to daily sickness allowance insurance covers


Cover the typical benefit gaps experienced by your employees

Nine out of ten cases of death or disability are the result of illness. But when someone falls ill, the compulsory social insurance pays out much less than it would for an accident. This means the employees in question are left with a gap in cover, which can frequently lead to financial problems for them and their families. That’s why we offer supplementary cover in addition to daily sickness allowance insurance.


For you as an employer:

  • Boost your attractiveness as a socially responsible employer
  • Simple processes similar to those for the daily sickness allowance: average age and payroll
  • Tax advantages: premiums can be deducted as an operating expense
  • Favourable conditions thanks to a group contract
  • 5% combination discount if daily sickness allowance insurance already exists or is taken out at the same time

For your employees

  • Additional insurance cover in the event of death or disability as the result of illness
  • Death and disability benefits in the form of a lump-sum payment are an ideal supplement to the daily allowances and pension benefits paid out by social insurance
  • Partial disability benefits from as little as 25% disability
  • Option of receiving an advance payment of up to 30% of the sum insured in the event of disability not yet qualifying for benefit payments from the Federal Disability Insurance (IV)
  • Lump-sum benefits are always paid out even if they coincide with benefits from other insurance policies (no reduction due to overcompensation).

What is insured?

The supplement to daily sickness allowance insurance is an important addition to the benefits paid under social insurance. Responsible companies use it to provide their employees with additional protection. Offering genuine added value in this way makes them more attractive as an employer.


How are employees insured?

  • The insured benefits are equivalent to 100% of their annual AHV salary up to the UVG ceiling (as at 2019: CHF 148,200).
  • Employees who become disabled as a result of illness receive the insured disability lump sum directly from Generali (partial benefit from a degree of disability of 25%, full benefit from 70%)
  • If employees die as a result of illness, their family receives the insured lump-sum death benefit.
  • A waiver of premiums in the case of disability wis automatically included in the insurance.


In real life


Real-life example

35-year-old Felix Fischer is the head of a department at Upholstery AG. He earns CHF 100'000 a year (annual salary subject to AHV). As Upholstery AG is committed to providing its employees with good social insurance cover, it takes out the supplement to daily sickness allowance insurance.


Felix’s annual premium of CHF 192 proves worthwhile: a sudden stroke leaves him paralysed on the left side of his body. He is confined to a wheelchair and almost totally reliant on assistance. He also finds it difficult to concentrate for any length of time or take part in conversations. It looks like he will have to give up work. At his employer’s request, and thanks to the cover taken out to supplement daily sickness allowance insurance, Felix receives an advance payment of 30% of the sum insured – in his case, CHF 30'000 – while awaiting the decision of the Federal Disability Insurance (IV). He can now afford to have structural alteration work done to his home. Once the IV has made its decision, Generali pays Felix the remaining CHF 70'000.


All companies can take out supplementary cover as an addition to daily sickness allowance insurance. By doing so, they offer their employees real added value. As a general rule: the higher the AHV salary, the higher the gap in cover that will exist without supplementary insurance.

This insurance must be taken out for at least five people. It’s really easy to do, without the complication of having to fill out a health questionnaire (pre-existing illnesses are excluded).

You can take out the supplement to daily sickness allowance insurance for a period of 2 to 5 years. Your contract will then be renewed automatically for one year at a time.

When calculating the premium, Generali looks at the payroll and average age of the insured persons.

The insured benefits are equivalent to 100% of the annual AHV salary, up to a maximum of CHF 148,200 (UVG ceiling as at 2019).