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SMA Kids: About our workshops

A program founded by Generali and the Swiss Music Awards (SMA)

Feel and experience music.


In the first part of our workshops, the children will be introduced to a wide range of instruments in a playful way. The aim is to find instruments that match their personalities. They’ll get their first feelings of accomplishment under professional guidance, with the focus not on reading notes but on engaging in direct, haptic and sensual contact with sound, rhythm and melodies. Our approach aims to introduce children to music based on curiosity and play.


The afternoon session will focus on the experience itself. Together with Bligg, we will practice the components of our song, which will be launched in mid-October on all the usual platforms as well as here on our website.


Bligg draws on his own personal experiences as part of his commitment:

"When I look back on my career today, I don’t just see Bligg standing up there on the big stage. I see everyone who encouraged me to believe in my dream and work hard for it at crucial moments. If it hadn’t been for these people, I wouldn’t be where I am today. That’s why I enjoy encouraging young talented individuals to go their own way. And to NEVER allow their belief in their artistic potential to be influenced by others’ opinions."


Children between the ages of 6 and 12 may participate in the workshops with their parents’ consent.


Our team

Gustav Akademie

The Gustav Akademie is a non-profit association and an after-school musical and multilingual project aimed at the promotion of talented young musicians. It was founded by Fribourg musician Gustav. Team members from the Gustav Akademie will be overseeing the educational part of the project.



Artist Bligg will serve primarily as a songwriter and mentor in our programme. Throughout his 20-year career, he has gained valuable experience and, above all, learned one thing – to never give up. He will be sharing these experiences with participants in the second part of the workshops.


Swiss Music Awards

The Swiss Music Awards organisers are providing us with infrastructure and their network and offering us a major platform on which to continue the project long term.


The Human Safety Net for Families

The Human Safety Net is a global movement to empower disadvantaged people, powered by the Generali Group. Children from socially disadvantaged families are hit particularly hard in Switzerland, where unequal opportunities have a more direct and lasting impact.


For children to develop positively and get an equal start in life, they need a sound environment and encouragement – for body and mind. Parents are the key here. With our The Human Safety Net for Families programme, we are committed to supporting children and parents in getting an equal start.