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Music for kids – a commitment by Generali, Bligg and the Swiss Music Awards

To pursue an education in music, you need a dream – and above all motivation. The initial spark often comes from enthusiasm for a musical idol and the desire to one day be up there on the big stage. Together with our partners, we want to give children the opportunity to lay the foundation for their personal musical development in workshops throughout Switzerland.

And what more could motivate them to live their personal dream than a role model? That’s right – the opportunity to share their ideas and dreams with an idol and lay the foundation for an education in music. This is the incentive behind Generali’s commitment with artist Bligg.


In one-day workshops in Berne, Lausanne, Zurich, Basel and Lucerne, artists give an insight into their careers, goals and inspiration. In musical group work, they offer each child the opportunity to try out instruments and different styles of music for themselves. They also play together in jam sessions and record their memories of their special day.

Children between the ages of 6 and 12 may participate with their parents’ consent.


To give children from families without significant financial resources the opportunity to participate in the workshops too – and thus lay the foundation for a further education in music – we are supported in our project by foundation The Human Safety Net. Our foundation partner invites children to the workshops directly. Together, we accompany them through the day and support them in the pursuit of developing their talents.


We’re looking forward to exciting workshops and meeting the talents of tomorrow.


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Swiss Music Awards

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