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Glass breakage

Time and money-saving repair of glass breakage

A broken car window is annoying. That's why we offer a time-saving and easy option for repairing glass breakage on your car. You don't need to worry about anything. Our partner company will repair the window at your home or place of work, and you don't even have to pay an excess.

Your benefits

  • If you wish, the repair can be done at your home or place of work. It doesn't cost you any time.
  • Interior cleaning of your vehicle
  • No bureaucratic problems - we take care of everything.

What service does our partner provide for glass breakage?


They take care of the repair and replace the car window so you don't lose any time or money in the event of glass breakage. The repair can be done at your home, place of work or a repair shop. If the repair takes longer, you'll be provided with a replacement vehicle. All you need to do is call our freephone number on 0200 82 84 86.