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Try your luck and take part in our fantastic prize draw to win a Generali travel insurance policy or hotel card for your next holiday.

  • Main prize: 5x one annual premium for a Generali travel insurance policy
  • Second prize: 10x one hotel card for one year (for Switzerland)


The deadline for participation is 30.06.2022.


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By submitting this form, you confirm that you are aged 18 or over. You also consent to your data being used within Generali Switzerland and Generali Liechtenstein for marketing and advertising purposes. Further information on data protection can be found here.


Prize draw: Terms and conditions and data protection

By taking part, I accept the terms and conditions and Generali Switzerland’s data protection policy.

Only natural persons aged 18 and over who are resident in Switzerland may participate in the prize draw. Foreign nationals must have a valid residence permit (type B or C/Ci). Generali employees are excluded from participating in the prize draw. Multiple entries are not permitted. The winners will be notified by post after the entry period has expired. The deadline for participation is 30.06.2022.


The winners will receive their prizes by post. Participants are responsible for ensuring that the contact details provided are accurate. The prizes cannot be paid out in cash. The prize draw organiser will not enter into any other correspondence about the prize draw. The organiser’s decision is final.


Generali reserves the right to exclude participants and withdraw or reclaim awarded winnings in the following cases: if there is suspicion that the chances of winning have been influenced by manipulation or the use of other improper or unfair means, or where there are other legitimate concerns (breach of the terms and conditions).


Generali assumes no liability if technical problems arise during the prize draw, if the website or social media pages of dedicated partners cannot be accessed or if data is not transmitted or stored correctly.


The sole place of jurisdiction is Adliswil, Switzerland. Swiss law applies.

The competition organiser is Generali Personal Insurance Ltd., Soodmattenstrasse 10, 8134 Adliswil.


This prize draw has no connection with Facebook or Instagram. It is not sponsored, supported or organised by Facebook or Instagram. For this reason, all questions, comments or complaints relating to the prize draw should be sent to Generali only. Generali and all the participants release Facebook and Instagram from all third-party claims in connection with this prize draw.


Important information for the travel insurance winners

Depending on the agreement made, the travel insurance will either cover an individual (individual insurance) or a family (family insurance) for one year and comprises the basic and additional modules of Generali’s travel insurance with a value of up to CHF 275 incl. stamp tax. All winners will receive an application form to complete and sign. This application form is based on the current General Policy Conditions (GPC) (2021 Edition, version 2) and is governed by the Swiss Insurance Policies Act (VVG/LCA). Once you have signed this application form,, you will receive a travel insurance contract.


If you do not wish to continue the policy after a year, you can cancel it by giving notice three months before the end of the insurance year. In this case, you can notify us of the cancellation by letter or email. If the policy contract is not cancelled, it will automatically renew for one year and you will be invoiced for the annual premium.

Prize draw participants accept that Generali Switzerland will store their data and use it for marketing purposes, and in particular, for contacting participants by phone. Generali Switzerland shall be permitted to share this data with third parties, i.e. its agencies and partner companies, for these purposes.


Please see Generali Switzerland’s data protection provisions for more information about how we process personal data.