Enjoying your golden years, instead of past your prime

The Centre for Pension Planning cooperates with, an information portal for older people. The creators of this platform reveal what the 50-plus generation can look forward to and what information is provided for visitors to the website.

The portal is a platform that offers visitors a balanced mix of current information, entertainment and attractive promotional offers. With their claim "get more out of life", this is already one of the leading information platforms for people aged over 50, according to the management of 50PLUS.


The baby-boomers are coming

What makes the 50-plus age group so interesting is its growing size and importance: every other franc spent in Switzerland comes from a member of this generation. The 50-plus generation owns 75 percent of all assets, and by 2030 they will make up 45 percent of the population. These days, the average age of heirs is 55. In German-speaking Switzerland, over 1.7 million individuals are aged over 50. That makes the 50-plus generation extremely powerful.


The baby-boomer generation finds everything they need to know or want to consume in relation to their extensive leisure time, their accrued property and assets, and their health on the 50PLUS platform: honest information about love and sex after 50, relationships with partners and fellow human beings, interacting with children and grandchildren, the search for the meaning of life, organising one's sunset years, the major newspapers, books, apps for the 50-plus age group, and all kinds of information about health and fitness, medicine, well-being, travel, retirement, insurance, finance, mortgages, inheritance, employment, succession planning, life-long learning, the fun things in life and gossip about 50-plus celebrities.


In addition, there are regular articles written by experts on current topics of interest to the over-50s. The platform also features interviews with interesting 50-plus personalities, revealing their plans and looking back on their lives - as we all do once we reach a certain age. People aged over 50 are no longer happy to sit in their armchairs waiting for the evening news; these days they want to get out into the world and experience new things.


It's quite clear that the over-50 generation is a force to be reckoned with. But it hasn't had a strong lobby or web presence until now. Currently the 50-plus generation are not sufficiently listened to; the aim of is to change that!


The Centre for Pension Planning and 50PLUS - a perfect match

By cooperating with 50PLUS, the Centre for Pension Planning benefits from contact with the target group that visits the website, where it regularly publishes specialist articles focusing on topics of concern to people approaching retirement. The experts from the Centre for Pension Planning also aim to make people aware of specific issues, especially those related to investments, retirement, drawing pensions, inheritance law, real estate and housing, and tax.


If asked about subjects that are not part of their core area of expertise, advisors from the Centre for Pension Planning can refer to the 50PLUS platform.