What use is a pension certificate?

Have you received your new pension certificate from your pension fund yet? Are you one of those people who, glad it's not another bill to pay, file it away without really considering how much important information it contains and the opportunities it might offer?

Five minutes of your time ...

Your pension certificate lists all the key information related to your pension. If you invest just five minutes into considering this information, you'll soon realise that this is time well spent.


The pension certificate contains the following information regarding your occupational pension:

  • Annual salary subject to AHV contributions and insured amount
  • Retirement assets on the date the certificate is issued
  • Expected retirement benefits
  • Survivors' benefits
  • Disability benefits
  • Financing
  • Purchases made
  • Details on the financing of residential property


These figures can help you get an overview of how your provisions are progressing while you are still working and what your financial situation will be once you retire. They show you, for example, what pension you can expect from your pension fund and give you an indication of whether you'll be able to maintain your usual standard of living.


... can go a long way

You can make voluntary purchases to improve your pension or as a positive side effect of optimising your tax situation. The maximum amount you can purchase is listed on your pension certificate and can be recalculated for you at your request. Did you know that you can use your 3a assets or 3a insurance solution to purchase additional pension benefits? You can also use part of your pension fund capital to finance a property you will live in. Your pension certificate contains information on this, too.


How long have you been working?

Many dream of retiring early, but only few can afford to do so. The more you know and plan ahead, the easier it will be to finance early retirement. Purchasing additional pension benefits will help compensate for the reductions made to your pension when you retire early. From a tax point of view, you benefit the most if you spread out your purchases over several years.


Or maybe you are one of those people who would prefer to continue working, even after reaching the statutory retirement age. Whether you can remain with your pension fund if you do decide to continue working will depend on your pension fund and your situation. You can find the answer to this question in your pension fund's plan rules.


People tend to underestimate how many factors have to be taken into account in a well-prepared retirement plan. Knowing what's on your pension certificate is a good start, but far from enough.


Ask experts

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