Legal information and sales restrictions

This website contains information on investment funds issued by Fortuna Investment Ltd which have been approved for sale in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Access to the information contained herein may be limited by certain laws and regulations. This information constitutes neither an offer to sell nor an offer to buy to any person who is not allowed to access the website of Fortuna Investment Ltd under the laws of their place or country of residence or domicile (please contact a financial advisor for clarification). Such persons are prohibited from accessing this website.


Neither Fortuna Investment Ltd nor any of its contracting partners can offer any assurance or guarantee that the information published on this website is correct, up to date, accurate or complete. In particular, the historical performance of the funds is no guarantee of future returns. The information on this website does not constitute an investment recommendation. Under no circumstances shall Fortuna Investment Ltd be liable for any losses or direct or indirect damage suffered as a result of this information.


Investment opportunities contain risks that could include the loss of the invested capital. If you are unsure or have any questions, please contact a financial advisor.


Investments in the investment funds described herein should be made only after a thorough examination of the current sales prospectus. The sales prospectuses containing the basic legal information and the annual and semi-annual reports are available without charge from your closest sales agent on request, or can be downloaded from this website. Fortuna Investment Ltd works only with selling agents capable of giving a guarantee of irreproachable business activity.


The investment funds approved for sale contained in the following list have only been approved for sale to the public in the countries indicated. These investment funds have not been approved for sale in any other countries. They may neither be sold, offered or distributed within these countries.


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If the use of this website leads to a legal relationship between the user and Fortuna Investment Ltd, this relationship shall be subject to and construed in accordance with Swiss law.


Approval for sale:

Fortuna Funds have been approved for sale in the following countries
only (as of 1 February 2021):


Investment funds under Swiss law

FORTUNA Investment Fund Switzerland
FORTUNA Bond Fund CHF Switzerland
FORTUNA Equity Fund Switzerland Switzerland
FORTUNA INVEST Long Term Bond Fund CHF Switzerland
FORTUNA Multi INDEX 10 Switzerland
FORTUNA Multi INDEX 20 Switzerland
FORTUNA Multi INDEX 30 Switzerland
FORTUNA Multi INDEX 40 Switzerland
FORTUNA INVEST - Risk Control 1 Switzerland
FORTUNA INVEST - Risk Control 2 Switzerland
FORTUNA INVEST - Risk Control 3 Switzerland
FORTUNA INVEST - Risk Control 4 Switzerland
FORTUNA INVEST - Risk Control 5 Switzerland
FORTUNA INVEST - Risk Control 6 Switzerland
FORTUNA Short Term Bond Fund CHF Switzerland
FORTUNA Balanced Fund CHF Switzerland
FORTUNA Balanced Fund EUR Switzerland