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Investment Plan 209

Best Selection 10


  • 10% equities
  • 90% bonds

Best Selection investment plans are suitable for investors who prefer actively managed funds, who do not wish to exclude any profitable investment opportunities and who are consequently prepared to accept a certain degree of risk.


Asset classes

  • 60% CHF bonds
  • 20% EUR bonds
  • 05% USD bonds
  • 05% Emerging Markets bonds
  • 05% Swiss equities
  • 05% Emerging Markets equities


Investment objective

When selecting funds to be included in the plan, asset classes are sourced from the world's major markets so as to ensure broad diversification across various countries, currencies and levels of economic development. The funds with the lowest volatility form the core of the plan, ensuring the investment's stability. For the other asset classes, a "best in class" approach means that the plan only ever contains the best-performing funds. With a target equity component of 10%, the investment approach is conservative and favours CHF. The objective of this strategy is to preserve assets while taking advantage of the opportunity to generate additional returns.