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Investment Plan 49

Multi Index 30


  • 30% equities
  • 70% bonds

The Multi Index investment plans are suitable for investors who believe that market-aligned funds will generate better returns over the long term than funds seeking to outperform the markets by means of active management, and who also want to be secure in the knowledge that their investments are being professionally managed and are in safe hands.



  • 50% Swiss Bond Index
  • 20% Euro MTS
  • 15% Swiss Market Index
  • 10% EURO STOXX 50
  • 05% S&P 500


Investment objective

The «Multi Index 30» consists of the «FORTUNA Multi INDEX 30» umbrella fund. This invests in index funds worldwide. All index funds replicate a large liquid index as exactly as possible by investing in all securities contained in that index. The benchmark of the umbrella fund is based on the weighting of the individual indices. Once a month the index fund is rebalanced, that is to say, its percentage weighting is realigned. With a target equity component of 30%, the investment approach is balanced and favours CHF. The objective of this strategy is to grow assets over the long term while keeping price fluctuations to a relatively low level.