Pillar 3a with savings contribution

Discover the charm of keeping things simple with your savings

With our pillar 3a, you can save online to suit your needs. The savings process is based on low-cost funds. And if something should happen to you, we carry on saving for you.


  • Simple: You can arrange your pillar 3a online and paper-free.
  • Flexible: You determine how much you will pay in each year.
  • Safe: Your savings process is protected. If you are unable to work we will make your payments for you, if necessary until your retirement.

Why a pillar 3a?

Monay that you set aside for your retirement is in a very good place with a pillar 3a. After all, you can deduct the amounts you pay in from your income on your tax return.


How much can you save on taxes?

Calculate how much you can save on taxes.

The digital pillar 3a from the largest pension provider in Switzerland

Make more out of your money

Our investment managers invest your savings capital in first-class, broadly diversified funds. Thanks to the low costs, you achieve the best possible return. Five years before you retire, your pension capital is moved to particularly safe investments. You don't need to worry about anything.


Pay less tax today - and have more money to live on in your old age

You can deduct your payments into pillar 3a from your taxable income. This means you pay less tax year after year.