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Savings insurance for children

Saving for your children's future, tailored to your needs

Would you like to make it easier for your children to get a good start in adult life? With unit-linked redemption insurance, you'll be building up starting capital for them. Selecting an individual savings profile will enable you to achieve your savings target. Whether financial help for higher education, purchase of a first home or a world trip, you'll be providing welcome support as they set out on their own.

Your benefits

  • Modular system
  • Choice of savings profile according to your personal needs
  • Premium guarantee for the entire term of the contract
  • Guaranteed savings capital can be chosen

Comprehensive pension planning for children

With KIDS savings insurance, you can provide your child, grandchild or godchild with the starting capital they need for adult life. The versatile insurance modules for the child and the adult allow an individually tailored product to be assembled. The option of premium exemption in the event of the adult's death or incapacity to work guarantees that the savings target is met. In the event of the insured child becoming disabled, a lump-sum payment or pension may be agreed upon.


The right savings profile for you

Do you want to invest your money with the aim of achieving the greatest possible return? Is your focus on security? Or would you rather have a combination of these approaches? You can choose the option that best suits your needs from the three savings profiles we offer: Profit, Control and Capital.

Your benefits

Capital: the accumulated fund and guarantee assets, but no less than the guaranteed survival benefit as specified in the policy.


Control/Profit: the accumulated fund assets

If the insured child dies, the guaranteed policy insurance sum is paid, capped at the legal maximum amount.


If the adult (the policyholder) dies, Generali will take over all further premium payments until the normal end of the principal insurance period, provided premium exemption in the event of death is also insured (it tariff compulsory with i).

For the insured child:

  • Lump sum disability benefit in the event of illness or accident


For the adult (policyholder):

  • Premium exemption in the event of death and incapacity to work/impairment of basic faculties

Important questions



Your savings premiums are invested in the «Risk Control 30-2» (No. 276) investment plan.




Your savings premiums are invested in the «Risk Control 30-2» (No. 275) investment plan.




Your savings premiums can be invested in our Multi Index 50 (No. 222) and Multi Index 100 (No. 223) investment plans.

On a monthly, quarterly, six-monthly or annual basis.


Premiums can be paid easily via direct debit. Finance the premiums via an interest-bearing premium deposit account and benefit from attractive interest rates.

The policy can be concluded within voluntary provident insurance (Pillar 3b) (tax free lump sum payment).

Type of insurance Unit-linked combined savings insurance for children with additional risk cover (based on GA tariff).
Age at entry Child: Capital: 0 to 15 years, Control/Profit: 0 to 18 years
Adult: unlimited or 18 to 63 (F)/64 (M) if the it/i tariffs are included.
Final age Child: 30 years
Adult: unlimited or 75 years if the it/i tariffs are included. However, the i tariff expires at age 64 (F)/65 (M) at the latest.
Waiting periods  Child: 720 days (i tariff), 180 days (ci tariff)
Adult: 90, 180, 360 or 720 days (i tariff)
Term of contract Capital: 15-30 years, Control/Profit: 10-30 years
Surrender/conversion After three insurance years, and provided that the premiums have been paid, your insurance will have a cash value and can be surrendered or converted into a fully-paid-up policy. KIDS allows the fund assets to be withdrawn for the purchase of property (without deductions).