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CASA Compact online household contents insurance

Conclude your insurance cover online and avoid the bureaucracy

You want to protect your home against the risk of damage from fire, water or theft, and avoid all the paperwork in the process? Just conclude your household contents insurance online: it's not just fast and easy; you'll know immediately just how high your premium will be, so your belongings are adequately insured, no matter what happens.

Your benefits

  • Solid basic cover
  • Low premiums
  • Easy online application
  • Flexible additional cover

Compact security made to order

A burst pipe, home fire or break-in – the damage is bad enough. But who will pay for the consequences? Lowcost household contents insurance provides reliable cover when you need it. So you don’t have to worry about the financial impact. Additional options round out your cover.


Solid basic cover for the budget-conscious

You value your personal furnishings. It’s good to know that basic cover protects your home against all major risks, including fire, theft and water damage. The insurance also covers damage caused by natural hazards such as storms, lightning strikes or hail. For even more cover, simply select additional benefits. For example, personal liability, glass breakage, travel or bicycle accidental damage insurance provide tailored protection.


Transparent cover that’s right for you

The insurance can be quickly and easily concluded online. Enter the size of your home in square metres for an optimal level of security. Then select the category of your furnishings and receive an immediate proposal for your individual premium. If your needs change or you would like to increase your protection, you can adjust your cover at any time. A phone call is all it takes.

CASA Compact online household contents insurance - the basics

Basic cover insures your household against:

  • Natural hazards
  • Fire damage
  • Water damage
  • Theft


Additional options:

  • Personal liability (can be concluded individually)
  • Simple theft outside the home
  • Luggage
  • Bicycle insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Glass breakage


The insurance covers your household contents and the costs arising from an insured event. It includes all movable property for private use owned by the policyholder and persons living with him/ her in the same household. Household contents also include pets, movable structures (i.e. non-permanent installations such as a greenhouse in the garden), leased or rented objects, professional equipment, personal belongings of visitors and items of property entrusted to the policyholder, equipment and materials for the maintenance and use of the insured building and associated premises. 

CASA Compact applies within the home, i.e. at the locations listed in the policy. Household contents and costs incurred due to the insured events are also covered outside the location for a limited period of time (12 months).

  • Because CASA Compact online household contents insurance calculates your premiums in the most precise way possible.

Conclude household contents insurance online and you avoid being under-insured. Your premium is calculated based on the floor area of your home and the value of its furnishings: standard, comfort or exclusive. This allows the most precise valuation possible of the household contents that are to be insured.


  • Because CASA Compact online household contents insurance is simple.

Enter the required information in the form above.

Then select your supplementary coverage - and you're done.

Your premium is calculated for you immediately, based on the selected options.


  • Because CASA Compact online household contents insurance has advantages

Concluding insurance online considerably reduces the administrative costs. That means you get an attractive premium and also save time.