Implementation of a social plan for the Generali Group Switzerland

Apr 10, 2017. Posted in Gruppe
  • The employee delegation and management of the Generali Group Switzerland have come together and defined a catalogue of social benefits for the employees affected by the relocation from Nyon to Adliswil.
  • The individuals concerned will now benefit, with immediate effect, from a social plan that provides various measures to support them in the context of this project.


On the 31st of January 2017, the senior management of Generali Switzerland announced that sixty positions would be affected by the relocation from the Nyon site to that of Adliswil. This move is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017. The contracts will be terminated starting from May 2017. A comprehensive social plan has been defined in order to provide support to the employees involved, taking into consideration their needs and specific circumstances.

Facilitating the professional transition and avoiding unemployment


The main aim of Generali Switzerland's social plan is to avoid the threat of unemployment. Both the employee and the employer delegations are in express agreement on this point. The support for the individuals concerned has been successfully implemented, and more than half of those involved are already benefiting from a new job. Those who have not yet found a new job and whose contracts are to be terminated will be given active support in the form of a professional and individualised outplacement that will help them in this reorientation phase. In addition to this, the employees concerned will be absolved from their work obligations during the notice period to help them in their search for new employment. Financial compensation will also be awarded in a further step.


The measures contained in the social plan as well as the scope  defined in consultation, guarantee better support for employees in finding a new job, within or outside the Generali Group Switzerland.