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Code of Conduct and whistleblowing

Our Code of Conduct

The Generali Group Code of Conduct forms the foundation of the Group’s cultural identity and sets out the rules of conduct. It provides specific guidance related, for example, to promoting fair business practices, diversity and inclusion, sustainability, protecting personal information and privacy, fair competition and antitrust, preventing conflicts of interest, bribery and corruption, combatting money laundering and terrorist financing, and international sanctions violations.

Our Code sets out the right to be treated fairly and without discrimination, and to work for an organisation that consistently promotes and rewards work ethics. For more information, please visit the Generali Group’s website.


Our whistleblowing helpline

The Generali Group whistleblowing helpline is a secure and confidential reporting tool that allows the Generali Group to be notified of any practices and actions that may be in violation of internal or external regulations – including the Generali Group Code of Conduct.


Reporting concerns:

If you have any concerns or would like to report any violations, you can do so using any of the following channels: 

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