Image campaign

Jan 12, 2015.

Generali puts people centre stage.

In 2015, the Generali Group Switzerland launched a modern and surprising image campaign. It shows people in the varying circumstances of their lives. In it, Generali shows how any long-term customer relationship founded on trust starts with listening and understanding.


«If you want to understand, you need to listen. Life situations change, and we have solutions for all of them.» This, the Generali Group Switzerland's claim, is at the core of a large-scale campaign currently drawing attention throughout the media in every part of the country. In it, Generali introduces people from every part of Switzerland and their own life stories.


Listen to people, says Generali; only if you understand them can you find the right solutions. And that is Generali's ultimate concern: to be able to offer its customers the insurance solutions they really need and that are most suitable for their life situations. This focus on customers is fundamental to Generali's approach and forms part of the company's new global strategy.


The variety of these stories highlights our country's diversity.


Generali's 2015 media campaign is being carried by a range of media and features TV commercials, advertisements in print and a variety of online channels. This broad presence ensures that all the company's stakeholders will be reached.


The first portrait films feature four people who volunteered to give insights into both the sunny and darker sides of their past and present lives. One of them is Jonas, from Gerlafingen, in the canton of Solothurn, who, despite impaired hearing, makes music and has found great pleasure in the work of editing a magazine. The commercials are always authentic and broadcast in the original language of the persons featured in them. It's in this way that Generali shows that Switzerland's diversity and the other elements that make it special result from the very varied life situations of the people who live there.