No luck in Lotto? Losing tickets get a second chance

Sep 22, 2018.

Tickets that didn’t crack the Super-Jackpot get a second chance. Generali will raffle a pillar 3a plan for all losing tickets. And contribute to it annually – up until retirement.

Hundreds of thousands of Swiss don’t want to miss out: on Friday they’ll play the Super-Jackpot for the chance to win 150 million francs – as a «little» extra or to provide for their old age. But, as in real life one shouldn’t rely on a Lotto win to make provision for old age, Generali offers holders of losing tickets a second chance.


The Swiss insurer will raffle any losing tickets for the prize of a pillar 3a life insurance plan, and contribute to it annually up until retirement. So, a losing ticket still has a chance to be a winner.


Holders of losing tickets who want a second chance register on and upload a photo of their losing ticket. All losing tickets are allowed, whether from Lotto, EuroMillions or another contest as long as the ticket was entered up to and including September 21, 2018, and is not active in a currently running contest.


The contest starts September 22, 2018. The draw takes place on October 8, 2018, live on Facebook. The winner will be notified subsequently via email.





Further information:

For further information on the campaign go here: (22.9.2018 from 00:00 am).