Philipp Keller to become new Chief Risk Officer of Generali Switzerland

Mar 17, 2021.

Philipp Keller will take up the position of Chief Risk Officer at Generali Switzerland on 1 May 2021. He will become a member of the Executive Board.

As the new Chief Risk Officer (CRO) of Generali Switzerland, Philipp Keller will become head of the Risk Management Division and a member of the Executive Board from 1 May 2021. He succeeds Hans-Jürgen Wolter in this position.


Mr Keller helped develop and implement the Swiss Solvency Test (SST) while working at the Federal Office of Private Insurance (FOPI, now FINMA). From 2009 to 2018, he was Head of Financial Risk Management at audit and consulting firm Deloitte in Zurich, where he led a team of quantitative analysts and experts in qualitative risk management as well as advising companies in the financial sector. He then went on to serve as Chief Operating Officer at asset manager Quantica Capital, where he was in charge of business operations and risk management. Before joining Generali Switzerland, he was a Senior Advisor for the risk management and regulations arm of Boston Consulting Group.


Mr Keller studied Mathematics at ETH Zurich, specialising in mathematical statistics and dynamical systems. In 1996, he earned a Ph.D. from ETH Zurich with his thesis on "Dynamical Systems and Numerical Analysis". He is a board member of the Swiss Association of Actuaries (SAV/ASA). He also supports the University of Zurich as a member of the Advisory Board of its Center for Finance and Insurance.


"To create long-term value for the company, my task as Chief Risk Officer is to ensure that risks are managed in such a way that the expectations of the insured, the shareholders and all the other stakeholders of Generali Switzerland are met," says Mr Keller of his new position at Generali Switzerland.


Andreas Krümmel, CEO of Generali Switzerland: "Philipp Keller has worked in all areas of the financial sector – on the corporate side, on the supervisory side and as a consultant. Our company will benefit from his extensive experience in risk management and regulatory issues."


Mr Keller is 56, a Swiss citizen and lives in Ermatingen (Thurgau).