Our approach

As a life-time partner, we enrich people’s lives as they prepare for a secure future.

Our mission


We live in an environment of transformation. The insurance industry continues to evolve. And so do the needs and dreams of our customers. People’s lives are complex nowadays. The pace of change and the number of possibilities open to us can be overwhelming. Nobody has the time to deal with things like insurance. For this reason, people turn to brands that understand their lives and recognise their needs.


Our customers trust us to protect their lives and property. We do this by helping them identify and prevent risk situations. This means that we not only provide assistance in the event of a claim, but also proactively deliver added value. Only in this way can we become a trusted partner for people on their personal journeys through life.



Our culture drives the strategy


We also act as a trusted partner for our employees on their personal journeys through life. Every day, our workforce of around 1,800 employees works hard to meet the needs of our customers.



Our values: What’s important to us?

Our values describe what is important for us and we stick to them, no matter what.

Deliver on the promise

We enter into long-term relationships founded upon trust with our employees, customers and stakeholders. We work with the aim of making our customers' lives better. We commit ourselves to delivering on this promise with discipline and integrity, thereby having a positive effect on long-term relationships.

Value our people

We value all our employees, promote diversity and invest in continuing learning and growth by creating a working environment characterised by transparency, cohesion and openness. A secure future for our company is dependent on our employees and their talents being fostered and promoted.

Live the community

We take pride in being part of a global group that has strong, sustainable and long-term relationships within all markets. It is in our markets that we are at home.

Be open

We are keen to learn, are approachable and capable, with open and diverse mindsets, and we are willing to look at things from different angles.

Our behaviours: How do we work?

Our behaviours express our approach to challenges in our daily work. They make us unique. Through our behaviours, we show how we achieve our results.



What that ultimately means for customers is that they can count on the highest possible motivation and the utmost competence. That's a commitment all our advisors can live up to: they're independently certified and listed on "Cicero", a public register of approved insurance advisors. Find more information on the seal of quality here.


Do you want to find out more about what Generali's like as an employer, or are you interested in joining our team? If so, you can get more information here.