Responsibility as a company

We are committed to operating a sustainable insurance business through the use of future-oriented products and by acting in a responsible manner. We give our employees the freedom to innovate, allowing us to develop simple solutions with a long-term effect.

Sustainable offers

Sustainability can be integrated into the product range and is increasingly something our customers demand. We are working on innovative solutions that protect our customers and encourage them to act in an environmentally conscious and responsible manner. Through the following measures, we are already committed to our environment and a sustainable society:

  • Our customers receive a 20% discount for environmentally friendly vehicles with their car and motorcycle insurance.
  • Our customers receive a discount for disability vehicles with our car and motorcycle insurance.
  • Bicycles and e-bikes (up to max. 45 km/h) can be insured either with our bicycle insurance or as a supplement to our household contents insurance.
  • Those looking to invest sustainably can choose “Tomorrow Invest” from our investment and pension solution plans.


Sustainable investments

As an institutional investor, the Generali Group has a direct impact on the protection of the environment and human rights. Generali is aware of its responsibilities in this regard and signed the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) in 2011. In addition, we introduced the Group-wide Responsible Investment Guidelines in 2015 in order to better control environmental, social and governance risks in our investment processes.


In Switzerland, we are currently in contact with potential partners to develop more sustainable investment models for the future. We want our clients to have a say in how their savings premiums are invested – with positive effects for society and the environment.


Another key starting point for a responsible investment strategy is investment in sustainable real estate, where we take the ESG criteria into account in our investment process. In addition, all Generali properties in Switzerland were reviewed for their overall energy efficiency in 2017. The energy efficiency of most buildings has already been optimised. We will continue to invest to achieve further improvements in the future.


Sustainable procurement

We cooperate with numerous suppliers and service providers from a very broad range of sectors when developing of our products and services. They make an important contribution to the first-class quality of our products and services. We prefer to work with partners who share our values on environmental, human rights, security and quality issues. We ensure that our business partners adhere to our guidelines by means of the Ethical Code for Suppliers that we introduced in 2011.


Room for innovations

Start-ups drive fresh ideas and progress. At our in-house CorpUp Studio House of Insurtech Switzerland, we work closely with start-ups. By giving them access to our infrastructure and assisting them with our know-how, we help to shape Switzerland as a location for innovation. This cooperation is a win-win situation for both sides. The interdisciplinary partnerships give rise to novel concepts and insurance-relevant solutions. We also cultivate academic partnerships and a variety of corporate collaborations to bolster the Swiss start-up scene.

Facts and figures on our innovative strength:

  • Over ten start-ups from the fields of artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital payments and bots are currently working in the Innovation Garage.
  • Our own start-up company LINGS has set up an “on-demand” insurance policy. Items such as camera equipment or a bicycle can be insured with a single click, even for just one day if that’s what the customer requires.
  • The spirit of innovation also inspires our employees. More than 20% of our employees have contributed to innovation topics through ‘Design Thinking Sprints’ and other formats.

Innovation at Generali Switzerland

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