Our approach

Insurance entails responsibility. This responsibility is not limited to the here and now – it also covers future generations. As a company, we realise our commitment to a sustainable future by employing innovative, environmentally conscious and responsible solutions.


In principle: Insurance entails responsibility – we think on a larger scale.

Our holistic responsability as a company for the environment and towards society



In dialogue: socially acceptable solutions emerge through dialogue – we develop new things by working together. Our company makes a sustainable contribution and sees itself as a contact partner for business, politics, research and culture.



Our guidelines

For Generali Switzerland compliance with international standards and Group-wide guidelines forms the basic prerequisite for responsible action.

The Code of Conduct defines the Group-wide principles that govern our business activities. It is binding for all employees and ensures that we conduct our business responsibly and in accordance with the applicable legal provisions at all times.

In March 2017, the international Generali Group set out the guidelines of its new sustainability strategy in the form of its Sustainability Charter. The Charter defines our Group-wide approach to sustainability and our obligations to our stakeholders.

In addition to economic criteria, we also consider social and ecological aspects to be of great importance when selecting our suppliers and service providers. We encourage our suppliers and service providers to act responsibly, particularly with regard to complying with human and labour rights and when it comes to the protection of the environment. The Ethical Code for Suppliers that we introduced in 2011 ensures that our business partners adhere to our guidelines. 

The international Generali Group and Generali Switzerland undertake to pursue development in an environmentally friendly manner. The Generali Group’s objectives and commitment with regard to environmental and climate policy are based on the internationally applicable ISO 14001 standards.

In addition to our internal guidelines, the Generali Group has signed the following United Nations initiatives:

The UN Global Compact is a voluntary agreement on responsible corporate governance between the United Nations and over 9,800 companies from 161 countries. Through this agreement, we also commit ourselves to adhering to ten principles relating to human rights, working conditions, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.

By signing the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment we commit ourselves to integrating environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) aspects into our investments.

The Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI) act as a guideline for insurers to integrate various sustainability criteria into their core businesses. By signing the Principles, we commit ourselves to taking the ESG aspects into account throughout the entire value chain.

Sustainability in the Generali Group

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