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Our musical brand ambassador for powerful emotions

Bligg is one of our country’s most successful musicians to sing in dialect and one of its top musical entertainers. He thrills audiences with his sheer force of energy and charisma – a born showman. With his roguish manner, charm and guaranteed vibe. Together we stand for unforgettable experiences, pure emotions and memories that last.

We have had an unbelievably exciting time with Bligg since the launch of our partnership. We accompany him at performances and on tours and together we ensure unforgettable moments and shining eyes. And Bligg naturally also supports our sponsorship commitments and assists us as a brand ambassador with a special focus on families and children.


But how do music and insurance fit together? Let’s let Bligg answer this in his own words:


Dear Bligg, tell us why you have chosen Generali. Don’t people generally think of insurance as being a bit on the dry side and boring for a performing artist?

Generali had been looking to cooperate with partners in a way that provides personal and authentic proximity to the public. That suits me well, because I also want to be close to my fans. I sensed that Generali had a genuine need for a way of communicating its proximity to customers in a place where this is being lived intensively – like at my concerts. Or our other events that we organise together.


What does the partnership mean to you?

I am known to tend to be really careful with partnerships. But everything seemed right with Generali from the word go and I can identify fully with the message they are conveying. This was evident when we both asked each other pretty much simultaneously about partnering up. Generali was really enthusiastic about the idea of partnering with the Unplugged Tour right from the outset – and I was very much taken by their ideas and dynamism. Apart from that, I feel a connection with Generali because of their origin and history: Generali has its roots in Italy and “grew up” in Switzerland, just like me. So we’re very much alike.

Our joint experiences

Since our partnership was launched, we have conjured up some unique moments for both young and old.

Our #generalixbligg songbox

Always wanted to feature in a Bligg song? We make it possible.

Want to know more? We have compiled an exclusive list of Bligg’s own favourite songs and his Top 40 songs in our Spotify playlist – have a listen and enjoy!