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Our #generalixbligg songbox

Grab a musical instrument and play along to a Bligg song.

The biggest dream of any Bligg fan? You got it – to play a song together with him. But not everyone can play an instrument or sing well. That doesn’t matter though. Because that’s exactly what our Bligg songbox is for. It lets you accompany a Bligg song and create your own video.

We have created this unique songbox together with Bligg. The songbox has already gone on the Unplugged Tour with us – and with great success.


It’s this simple:


1. Select a song.

2. Select a musical instrument.

3. Play along to the selected song.

4. Get your personalised song clip in just a few minutes.


But let’s allow the master himself to say a few words:


You can find the songbox at selected events. We will let you know here as soon as we have the next new locations.