A good cause – we fulfil the heartfelt desires of children

By children for children.

We fulfil the heartfelt desires of children

Life is hard for a lot of families. Unexpected problems can arise, or a child might get ill. Other life events or existential crises can also be very difficult to deal with.


Many families don’t talk about their issues. And the children often have to suffer in silence. It is very important that a child has something to give them courage, joy and hope during a difficult period in their life. But, usually, their secret desires can only be fulfilled with the help of others.


This is where we come in, fulfilling their heartfelt desires with the proceeds and donations from downloads of the «Lion Kids by Generali and SMA» songs. In line with the mindset: By children for children.


Two strong partners: “The Human Safety Net Switzerland” and the children’s charity “Petite Suisse”

Our foundation “The Human Safety Net” has been supporting socially disadvantaged families in Switzerland for years. In particular, it campaigns for children’s rights and against child poverty.


Our partner “Petite Suisse” is an independent, non-profit aid organisation which helps to ensure that children in Switzerland can lead a life free from poverty, violence and injustice. Each year, it provides individual support to more than 3,500 sick, disabled and socially disadvantaged children and their families.


Together, we want to give these children a chance to occasionally experience the happier side of life. We do so by listening to their most heartfelt desires and fulfilling them with donations and song proceeds. Thanks to the many song downloads and donations, we have already been able to put smiles on many faces.

Help us to fulfil the heartfelt desires of children now.



It couldn’t be easier:

  • Access our donation platform here.
  • Choose how much to donate.
  • Download the song.


All proceeds will go directly to fulfilling the children’s heartfelt desires.



Or click here to donate directly on the website of our partner “Petite Suisse”. Simply buy the song, or make a donation as well. These proceeds will also go towards fulfilling the children’s heartfelt desires.



Thank you in advance for your support!

Here is an overview of all the heartfelt desires that have already been fulfilled – and the ones that are still waiting to be fulfilled: