Leonie’s heartfelt desire: learning to play the violin

Good music for a good cause. With our SMA Kids by Generali ft. Bligg song called “Narbe” (Scar), we’ve fulfilled a heartfelt desire, such as Leonie’s.

Seven-year old Leonie really wants to learn the violin, However, her single mother has to look after her other child, who is ill. Leonie is a “shadow child”. Shadow children get their name because they stand in the shadow of their siblings, who require more attention – usually due to illness. This is why shadow children often feel disadvantaged or don’t have the chance to practice a hobby. Leonie’s mother is glad to still have a job and have enough money for the most pressing things. “Every day I worry that things are going to get worse because of the coronavirus pandemic,” says Leonie’s mother, and she sent a request for help to us: Leonie should have the chance to learn violin.

Leonie’s heartfelt desire has been fulfilled thanks to donations!


Thanks to proceeds from our “SMA Kids by Generali ft. Bligg” song called “Narbe” we were able to help Leonie finally learn how to play the violin. The total cost was CHF 1,180.

Lots of good deeds lead to something great – they put smiles on children’s faces and give boundless joy. On behalf of Leonie, the Human Safety Net Switzerland, Generali Switzerland and Petite Suisse would like to say: thank you very much!


Do you want to support more heartfelt desires? Then help out by downloading our song. You can find more information at: www.generali.ch/ song.