Niklas’s heartfelt desire: learning to play the guitar

Good music for a good cause. With our SMA Kids by Generali ft. Bligg song called “Narbe” (Scar), we’ve fulfilled a heartfelt desire, such as Niklas’s.

Children with ADHD symptoms have special requirements: they are often inattentive, have trouble concentrating and find it difficult to control their emotions – even if they would like to do otherwise. They stand out and can upset people in the family, at school, friends and teachers. The level of suffering these children experience and the burden it puts on their parents is substantial.

Niklas writes: “I can’t remember friends. I knew people, but it was always a back and forth. Five minutes amicable. Five minutes fighting.”


In order to work on his concentration and social connections, Niklas is being treated with music therapy, where he’s learning his favourite instrument, the guitar. The single lessons are staggered to adjust to his learning tempo, and to make sure that he doesn’t become overwhelmed. His most heartfelt desire is to continue the therapy this year.

Niklas’s heartfelt desire has been fulfilled thanks to donations!


Thanks to proceeds from our “SMA Kids by Generali ft. Bligg” song called “Narbe” (Scar), we were able to help Niklas continue his music therapy with his guitar. The total cost was CHF 1,350.

Lots of good deeds lead to something great – they put smiles on children’s faces and give boundless joy. On behalf of Niklas, the Human Safety Net Switzerland, Generali Switzerland and Petite Suisse would like to say: thank you very much!


Do you want to support more heartfelt desires? Then help out by downloading our song. You can find more information at: song.