The making-of of our song “Narbe” (Scar)

With talented kids in the studio

In our music workshops in Zurich, Lucerne, Bern, Fribourg and Basel, 150 children and young people worked with the artist Bligg on the song “Narbe” (Scar), which he wrote especially for the music promotion programme “SMA Kids by Generali”.


Final production took place in Lausanne last week and was packed with excitement and emotion.


The song describes authentically and passionately the long and rocky path that every successful artist has had to follow. To succeed, they have to pursue their personal dream consistently. They must have lots of stamina and discipline, and, above all, they must not let themselves be discouraged.


This is the message we wanted to convey to the kids in our workshops. The message comes across impressively in our song and with an incredible amount of feeling.


“The song is supposed to motivate and encourage young people with ambition. Failure is an inevitable element of the journey to success. Often, young people are far too little prepared for this.

I didn’t want to write a trite-sounding song with motivational platitudes, but rather to authentically draw attention to the work involved, as well as the aspects of failure and “pain” – because they are a real and necessary part of reaching any goal.”




The recordings of all the kids from the workshops were incorporated as a chorus during the song’s final production.


Watch us at work!


And there’s more!


As part of our commitment to the Zurich Film Festival, we created a music video to fit the song. The video was produced in two film workshops on 26 and 27 September as a part of the “ZFF for Children” series.


Watch us at work!


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