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Our song “Narbe” (Scar)

For kids by kids.

Narbe” (Scar) is the name of the song that Bligg rehearsed with 150 kids in the workshop. It’s very moving and gets under your skin. The song describes a starkly realistic picture of the rocky path that every successful artist has followed. To succeed, they must have stamina and discipline, and, above all, they must not let themselves be discouraged.

A song with a strong message that makes a positive contribution, as all the proceeds go to disadvantaged children in Switzerland.

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In 2019, 144,000 children in Switzerland were affected by poverty, according to the aid organisation Caritas. These kids lack lots of things, which hinders them on the path to a secure and autonomous future. A lack of equal opportunity has a direct and lasting impact in this respect.


It is therefore all the more important to offer children an environment in which they are encouraged and can develop positively from the start. It’s a fact that no other phase of development is as formative as the first six years in a child’s life. Together with our partner Marie Meierhofer Institut für das Kind, The Human Safety Net Switzerland Foundation, a Generali Switzerland foundation, promotes early education and care, so that every child gets the support they need for healthy growth and development.


All proceeds from the song go to support programmes for disadvantaged children.