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Generali Mille Metri

Ready, steady, Run for it!

Be the fastest runner in the under-18 category of the Generali «Mille Metri» and win a voucher worth CHF 300.



How does it work?

The Generali «Mille Metri» are the final kilometre of the course or, if this is not possible for organisational reasons, a defined kilometre in the middle of your run. We’ll measure the times of all the runners in the under-18 category (i.e. born in 2003 or later) over these «mille metri». If you’re the fastest, we’ll reward you with a voucher! 


Also check out the dates of the Generali Running Tour 2020, which features several attractive races, and see where the Generali «Mille Metri» are part of the programme.


We look forward to seeing you!