Top-quality advice

Advice with a holistic approach – a plus for our customers

You could be travelling the world today and then building a house tomorrow. Your circumstances change. So you think about insurance cover. How do I travel the world safely? How do mortgages work? And what's all this about buildings insurance? How financially secure am I?

To find the answers to all these questions, get in touch with Generali. If you opt for a personal consultation, one of our customer advisors will analyse your situation from every angle. They'll take time to understand your needs, goals and dreams. We want to give you a sound basis on which to set your own priorities. We focus on our customers, and this approach to advice and the tools we use underline that. Since mid-2015, all our field service staff have been trained in this new approach and offer you consistently high-quality service.

Generali – customer advice of the highest quality

Our advisors are insurance experts and can offer you outstanding services thanks to their all-round advisory approach. To ensure that our stakeholders have even more confidence in them, we have all our field service staff complete a course provided by the VBV, the Insurance Industry Vocational Training Association, and thus receive certification. This is a precondition for registration with Cicero, a public register of approved insurance advisors. 


Generali currently has 278 staff registered with Cicero, which means they're committed to ongoing further training.

Cicero. Certified Insurance Competence. 

A Switzerland-wide seal of quality for professional customer advice – and lifelong learning.

Changes to the law, changes in the population – we're living in a changing world. Which is why it's all the more important that your advisor stays up to date. The process for doing so is now being made public in the form of the "Advisor Check" on There, every advisor has their own profile that clearly shows the specialist knowledge and skills they possess. 

Simon Dudli, an insurance and pensions advisor who's been working at the Agency in Wil since 2013, has completed our certification course:

«More and more customers are doing research of their own even before a consultation. This makes it even more demanding for us. Thanks to the training, I was able to systematically build on my technical expertise and learn new things. This means I can be certain I can offer my customers the very best advice on every aspect of insurance.»