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A unique history

Where are Generali's roots? What does the lion in the logo mean? And what does Franz Kafka have to do with it all? Discover the most important milestones of our company's history here.



Into the future with a new leadership team

The year features changes in management structure. At the global level, Philippe Donnet moves up to become the new CEO of the Generali Group. In Switzerland, Andreas Krümmel becomes the new CEO and keeps strategic development on track. For this reason, Generali Switzerland invests in the modernisation of its business model. This involves reinforcing the culture of innovation, tailoring the products and services on offer more closely to customers' needs and developing new ones. On the organisational front, too, a lot of streamlining gets under way.





Global initiatives


Generali redefines the Group's culture and its brand identity around the world – complete with a new design for the winged lion, which unmistakeably identifies it everywhere. In Switzerland, it prioritises long-term links with the parent company and the implementation on the Swiss market of initiatives aimed at further enhancing customer focus.




Stability in difficult times


Despite the crisis on the world's financial markets, Generali manages to hold its ground in Switzerland. Major projects to optimise internal processes are completed, and the rollout of the GENERA range of products sees Generali entering a new era. In 2010, Generali even manages to become the market leader in individual life business. In the following years, too, premium volume continues to grow by more than the Swiss market.




Two reasons to celebrate


Generali General Insurances Ltd. moves its head office to Nyon, bringing together entities dispersed between Geneva and Lausanne in the process. This has the effect of concentrating operations and streamlining business processes.  Internationally too, there is cause for rejoicing when the Generali Group Switzerland's parent company celebrates 175 years of existence.  


2006 Complete Integration

The year is marked by major changes in shareholder structure: in its third quarter, Generali Group Switzerland is fully integrated into the global Generali Group. This makes the Generali Group Switzerland more financially stable, creates synergies, and prepares the way for growth and innovation.


2004 A worldwide sense of responsibility

The Generali Group once again assumes a pioneering role and serves as a role model within the insurance sector by compiling a code of ethics applicable throughout the world that sets out the principles for which Generali stands everywhere: honesty, fairness, impartiality, professionalism and respect.





A new home


Generali Group Switzerland companies come together to establish a new head office in Adliswil. By doing so, they have office space in reserve and create synergies in their arrangements for working together. Generali Switzerland also becomes more streamlined in its delivery, focusing its life insurance business activities on the operation of individual life insurance from now on.  




Mergers in Switzerland


In 1994, the Generali Group acquires a majority stake in Fortuna Holding, which it is later to rename Generali (Switzerland) Holding Ltd. Schweizer Union too, joins this new model company and changes the company name to Generali General Insurances Ltd. Finally, Generali takes over another insurance company, Secura Versicherungen.




Generali comes to Switzerland


This is the year in which Schweizer Union celebrates its centenary. It is the same year that Generali begins to be active in Switzerland by becoming Schweizer Union's main shareholder. Schweizer Union has already acquired a stake in the insurer St. Galler Familia-Leben. From now on, the agency network will be run jointly, with connections established that are the basis for the Group's structure as it is today.




More foundations in Switzerland


More insurance companies come into being in Switzerland; they now form the Generali Group Switzerland. 1938 sees the foundation of Fortuna Lebens-Versicherungs-Gesellschaft by the publishers of the Tages-Anzeiger; Familia-Leben (St.Gallen) receives its concession in 1950; and in 1959 Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler sets up Secura Versicherungsgesellschaft. 


International expansion and a round birthday


By now Generali, has become one of the most dynamic insurance companies in the world. At home on four continents, it has eight international head offices and more than 60 branches and agencies in 30 countries. In 1931, Generali celebrates its centenary, marking the occasion with grand festivities in Rome and Trieste.




An employee with extraordinary talents


Generali welcomes someone who was to be probably the most famous employee in its history: author Franz Kafka works as a lawyer in the Generali branch in Prague from 1907 to 1908. It is his first job after graduating in law.  


1887 The beginnings in Switzerland

In Switzerland, the establishment of Schweizer Union this year lays the foundation for what is now the Generali Group Switzerland. At the time, it specialises in insurance against glass breakages. Innovation is already in the air, with new insurance products such as burglary and flood damage insurance being offered. On the international front, Generali keeps on growing, extending its reach round the Mediterranean, along the line of North American harbours and in the Far East.





A new name and a new logo


Abandoning the words "Austro-Italiche", the company is from now on to call itself simply "Assicurazioni Generali". The logo changes, too, with the double-headed eagle making way for the winged lion of St. Mark, the heraldic emblem of Venice and of that city's patron saint. The Latin inscription pax tibi marce evangelista meus means peace be with thee, Mark my evangelist.




Generali's roots

Generali is founded on 26 December 1831 in Trieste, which was at the time Austrian territory. The company's original name was  Assicurazioni Generali Austro-Italiche. Its founders are Joseph Lazarus Morpurgo, a merchant, and Giambattista Rosmini, a lawyer. The company has already expanded to establish a foothold in Venice by the July of the following year. At the time it first starts operating, Generali uses a logo with a double-headed eagle.