Claims hotline

Generali General Insurance Ltd.

An insurance provider that offers all-round support to its customers, both financially in the event of a loss and also in settling claims.

Generali General Insurance Ltd.
Avenue Perdtemps 23
1260 Nyon 1
Tel: 058 471 01 01
Fax: 058 471 01 02

1887 under the name of «Union Suisse»
1999 renamed «Generali General Insurance Ltd.»

CHF 27.3 million, 99.92% of which is held by Generali (Switzerland) Holding Ltd.

Jaime Anchùstegui (Chairman)

Martha Dagmar Böckenfeld

Alfred Leu

Enrico Mattioli

Karl Schönenberger

Valter Trevisani

Andreas Krümmel, Chief Executive Officer

Fritz Renfer, Chief Non Life Officer 
Bernhard Locher, Chief Life & Pension Officer

Roger Stieger, Chief Marketing, Customer & Communications Officer

Roger Jansen, Chief Distribution Officer

Martin Frick, Chief Operations & IT Officer 

Alessio Sarti, Chief Finance Officer

René Schmidli, Chief Investment Officer

Stefanie Ott, Chief Risk Officer
Jean-Pierre Schmid, Chief Human Resources & Logistics Officer

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